Fable 2: Knothole Island Review

So, I was not too quick to follow up my previous post about Knothole Island in Fable 2. This is because, I felt it was only mediocre. The added items were nice, with more slots in weapons, the ability to remove augments from weapons, armor instead of cloth for those medieval types, as well as a slew of potions to change appearance. The problem was with the additional quests. Don’t get me wrong, any new content after a game has released is nice, but the story of the quests was just kind of pointless. There was nothing to drive a character to work for them. Sure, there was some loot, but as far as enriching story line, there wasn’t much. I give Knothole Island for Fable 2 an ‘OK’ because it was a nice bit of extra content.

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