ssh and scp: Working with Different Ports

Today, I wanted to work on the theme for my blog. I usually use FireFTP; a great ftp client add-on for Firefox, but due to some bugginess with my work computer, it wasn’t functioning properly. I decided to ssh into my site, and scp my new theme folders up to the site. Looking throught the information through AwardSpace, I found that connections must be made over port 2222 instead of the standard port 22. This was interesting because I had to sit back for a second and think how to change the ports that these commands work with. To ssh using a different port, simply use:
ssh -p2222
To scp from your computer to a site, use:
scp -r -P2222 FolderName
It wasn’t difficult to figure out how to do this with the ssh and scp man pages, but it was interesting to see that one uses a lowercase p while the other uses a capital P. No, these are not interchangeable. As it is, hopefully these couple lines might help the next person to run into this question.

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