Weight Watchers

Back in high school, I used weight watchers to lose weight and get in shape. Sadly, I fell off the wagon, and didn’t recover until this past February. Since then, I have worked hard, following my own version of the weight watchers plan. This involves following a strict point count Sunday through Friday, and let myself try all of the things I enjoy on Saturday. I am aware that this is definitely not the best and healthiest use of the program, but it has worked for me thus far.

I should also note that I follow a strict workout routine, alternating running and swimming every morning except for Sundays. This has worked extremely well for me so far, and I have come to enjoy every part of it.
That said, I plan to post interesting foods, or cooking tips that I have learned for creating healthy meals. I will also post the point values of foods for any weight watcher that comes across this site.
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