Slim-Fast Optima

Ok, so in an effort to vary my eating habits (I have a tendency to eat the same thing too much for too long) I decided to break up my meal schedule. To start, I decided that I should eat my breakfast at home, and then have something else once I got to work in the morning. By using my points more throughout the day, I could avoid power loading at night; eating too many of my points at the end of the day.

With that in mind, I though about foods that would be good as starts to the day as I like to curb my hunger so that I can stay focused, and at the same time not eat too much because I don’t like to feel overloaded in the morning. After looking around online, I decided to try Slim-Fast Optima, one of Slim-Fast’s shakes designed to curb hunger.

Well, today marks the last day of my personal “trial”, and I won’t be buying any more. At a steep price of $7.99 at my local grocery store for six cans, its way too expensive. Also, it is about as satisfying as an over-glorified chocolate milk. I will say that it does taste good, but doesn’t provide the hunger curbing effect that I was looking for. Also, at four points a pop, it’s pretty steep on the weight watchers points for the day.

Overall, if you are in a hurry and on the go, this might be a solution for you, but I think that a granola bar or or Nutri-grain might do better. Also, as I’m finding that I might have a slight issue with lactose, this is definitely not for me.

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