Healthy Chicken Hash

Living on my own could very well encourage laziness in the kitchen. For example, feeling slightly under the weather, last night I simply had some vegi chili and hot dogs. Quick, easy, and definitely not very exciting. On my better nights, I like to be a little more creative. An easy recipe is one for a healthy form of hash. It’s cheap, filling, healthy, and relatively easy to make.

1 medium baked russet potato
1/2 chicken breast (3 to 4 oz) or ground chicken burger
1 medium onion (whatever kind you like)
1/3 can of low sodium fat free chicken broth

To start, when you wake up in the morning and you’re getting ready for work, wash and poke some holes in a potato, and toss it in the microwave for seven minutes, turning it over after five. Let it cool wrapped in a paper towel, and toss it into your fridge on the way out the door. Definitely not too challenging. If you’d like to be extra prepared, pull a half breast of chicken (three to four ounces) out of your freezer, and throw it into the fridge to defrost all day. If you forget, you can just use the defrost feature on your microwave when you get home.

After work, preparing dinner may be the last thing that you want to do, but I promise this is easy. Begin by cubing up your chicken (I advise 3/4 inch). Through this into a fry pan with some calorie free cooking spray, and cook the chicken through. This should only take a couple minutes. While the chicken is cooking, cut your baked potato from this morning (still cold) into 1/2 inch cubes, and finely chop an onion. Now put your chicken that should now be cooked off to the side, and start cooking the potato and onion in the same pan over medium heat. Make sure to add a healthy dose of salt, and some black pepper to taste.

Once the potatoes are looking gold and cooked, re-add your chicken, and then add about a third of a can of low sodium chicken broth. Cook the mixture until the broth has cooked down, the hash looks golden. Serve and enjoy. I suggest a side of frozen vegi’s to keep the meal balanced, but a fresh salad would be even better. Looking at the hash, it makes about six points of food, and tastes like 10. This is one of my favorite quick and easy meals, so hopefully it will be one of yours as well.

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