Spreading Out Your Meals

I don’t know about everyone else, but I was raised in a big dinner house. This entailed the standard three square meals a day, with the last being a big and hearty supper. For a diet, this is not the best mentality to have.

First off, there is all of the research that has been done about the metabolism. From what I’ve heard, it is better for your metabolism if you eat several small meals throughout the course of the day. This means effectively snacking all day instead of power loading on food at set intervals. This is great in theory, but very hard for those of us that like to feel “full”.

I am no expert on metabolisms, so the aforementioned point really has no ground. What I do know is that eating smaller meals/snacks throughout the day is good for hunger management. The key, and hardest part, is letting go of that need to feel full or stuffed. It’s all mental, and what stands in your way from feeling content all the time. By eating at certain blocks of time, we allow ourselves to get hungry, and then overload on food. If you eat snacks all day, you can remain at a steady comfort level of contentment.

I’ve been trying to do this myself, moving my weight watchers points to be used throughout the day instead of leaving the bulk (half or more) for dinner. This has been pretty hard to do, but helps keep me more alert, and less uncomfortable throughout the day. The only hard part is the same as anything to do with a diet: willpower.

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