Knowing When to Give Yourself A Buy

Diets. They take effort, commitment, and some sacrifice. We can’t always stuff our face, and eat whatever looks tasty to us at the moment. When you go on a diet, its good to make peace with this fact from the start, because it makes sticking to a diet that much easier.

Still, there are some times where you fall off the plan. You have a cookie or three at Christmas, you stuff your face full of delicious at Thanksgiving, or you have a peace of cake at your birthday. Another key part of a diet is to realize it is OK to do these things. You can slip, you can enjoy yourself, and you can have fun eating when occasion calls for it. The key is just making sure that every day isn’t an occasion.

The last thing about letting yourself have fun is not feeling guilty about it later. If you splurge, and then spend the rest of a happy occasion beating yourself up for a scoop of ice cream, you’ll ruin a perfectly fun time. So here is to dieting, and still having fun. Don’t berate yourself for a slip up, say, I’ll be good tomorrow… Just make sure tomorrow DOES come.

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