Grocery Store Sushi?

I know what you’re thinking; buying sushi from a large commercial grocery store just sounds like a bad plan. I’ll admit, I had the same reservations myself. I wondered if the fish would be OK, if anything would be spoiled, if it would be plain nasty, the works. I am happy to report that I am wrong.

All day yesterday, I had a hankering for sushi. These things happen, but I had fallen off of the diet wagon for a few days, and refused to stay on that downward slope. I will stick to my diet, and all that motivational stubbornness. Well, with my trusty weight watchers slide rule, I went to my local Stop & Shop (Malden, MA) to get stamps, and checked out the sushi selection. I was most surprised by the variety they had. They had more than just the standard Cailfornia roll, and several specimens of non-rolled sushi as well. On top of that, they looked good. I was able to find one of my favorites as well: Smoked Eel and Avocado Maki. It looked just like it came from a restaurant.

Now for the great part: for $6.99 I was able to get 12 pieces (2 orders) of my favorite sushi. This normally costs a lot more at a sushi restaurant. The kicker: the whole box was only eight points; exactly what the doctor ordered. I could have my cake and eat it too…well sushi anyways. So, moving pat the excellent deal, and weight watchers winning moment, how was it? The sushi was fine. I’ll admit it wasn’t the best sushi that I’ve ever had, but it was on par with several restaurants that I’ve gone to, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll definitely get this again, and it doesn’t even need to be a special occasion. As a side note, the California rolls (12 pieces) were only six points. talk about awesome.

The image is courtesy of another person who found the sushi at Stop & Sop to be good as well.

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