And I Ran (Insert Rest of Song Here)

So, as part of my diet, I also partake in that oh so shameful pastime of exercise. I know that no one wants to hear it, but eating healthy isn’t the only part of losing weight; exercise is a major player as well.

For exercise, I’m always willing to try something new, but my standbys are jogging, and swimming. Any person trying to lose weight probably groaned at the thought of that. Add that I do these things at five in the morning, and I know that some people are already moving on in search of an easier solution. Trust me, exercise is your fastest, and easiest way to lose weight. The hardest part isn’t the exercise; it’s getting into the routine of exercise. The first week of five AM’s was pretty tough, but if you really want to succeed you can. Also keep in mind that you can pick any form of exercise you like, these are just my two choices based on convenience and personal preference.

To the point. Running every other day is great, but sometimes you need to shift your routine, and try something new to keep it interesting. This past weekend, I went home to get my car worked on, and grab some BBQ with my Dad. All that was great, but how did I chose to spend my Saturday morning. As crazy as it sounds, I joined my best friend’s Mom, and her coworker for a jog. I usually run on Saturdays, but not like this. I signed myself in for a 10 mile jog around North Conway, NH. Please note that the farthest I’ve ever ran is four and a half miles. This was something new for me, and simply due to that, I was excited. Don’t worry, my parents think I’m sick and twisted as well.

Well, I have to say that it was very fun. The pace was much easier than my usual runs to compensate for the compounded distance, and throwing in some intense hills worked different parts of my legs that a treadmill just never touches. The end result was that I accidentally ran about 10.5 miles, and felt great afterwords. I was in better shape than I thought, and was able to go out and wing it without any repercussions. Note that I have been on a running regime for months, so don’t just go out and try to run 10.5 miles at the drop of a hat unless you are actually at a point where you can.

The point of all this is that exercise is a key to dieting, and losing weight, but beyond that, keeping exercise fun is the best way to live a healthy lifestyle. Go out, and have fun being active. I’m actually starting to play dodge ball once a week. It’s fun, interesting, and great for you. Get out there and do what you like!

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