The Cheesecake Factory: Godiva® Chocolate Cheesecake

Continuing with my endeavor to try as much cheesecake as I can from The Cheesecake Factory, this past weekend, I went with some friends and got the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake.

Look at the picture of it. Yes, it looks that good, and terrifying in real life. As expected, it tasted phenomenal. As a chocolate lover, I was in heaven. I’m starting to think that I actually like the things mixed into cheesecakes more than the cheesecakes themselves.

Back to the point. The chocolate cheesecake was just that. It was chocolate on a level out of this world. If you kind of like chocolate, or think you really like chocolate, this cake isn’t for you. This cake is only for people who LOVE chocolate, and even then it may be hard for them to get through an entire piece (I couldn’t). The layers of chocolate blend together, keeping it interesting to chew, and making you savor the high quality of the chocolate in the cake. This is up there with some of my favorites from the factory. So, if you think you have a passion beyond the norm for chocolate, give this cheesecake a try. See if you really like chocolate enough.

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