A Cool Raspberry Treat

If you haven’t guessed yet, I love dessert. It is one of the best parts of a meal, and one of my biggest weaknesses when trying to be healthy. With that in mind, I am constantly working to come up with new and interesting desserts that satisfy my cravings as well as fit into a weight watcher’s diet.

When it comes to a dessert, I like to try to stay in the two point range. This way, you are still using enough of your points on the nutritious main meal, but at the same time having enough wiggle room to have a tasty treat. Most weight watcher’s products for desserts are about two points as well.
Last night, I decided to stray away from my fast becoming standby of a weight watcher’s ice cream bar. They’re good, but get old after a while. Back to the main point. In my fridge, I had some cups of Jello brand Vanilla Sugar Free Pudding. These little cups are just as tasty as normal pudding, and only one point apiece. In my freezer, I had a bag of frozen raspberries. I thought I was in trouble with these. I mean, I LOVE raspberries, but something so sweet and delicious has to be bad for you right? WRONG!!! Apparently raspberries are very high in fiber, allowing for a whole cup of the things as one point. You could probably even squeeze out a cup and a third and still be at a point.
Well, the next step was to combine these to treats into a yummy raspberry pudding/parfait. It was great, satisfying, and two points. Give it a try as a new and interesting dessert.
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