Getting Here from There

So, I have recently been busy renovating I have a horrible habit of creating blogs in other places. Well, I have finally managed to move all of the content from my other blogs to here. My most recent round of writing has been on a blogspot blog. Blogspots great, but after a while, the lure of hosting your own site wins out. Thats why I went, and revamped this site.

The next question was how to get everyone here. I finally got everyone looking at a blog, and then I go and move it. Not very nice, and some of my friends may shake their heads. In an effort to make it easier on them, as well as on any readers I may have, I implemented a redirect on my blogspot blog.

This is actually pretty easy. I simply went to my Blogspot dashboard, clicked on the Layout link, and then went to the “Edit HTML” link at the top. In my header before anything else is called, I dropped in the line:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=" />

and was on my way. Pretty easy, and now you’re here…Maybe whether you like it or not.

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