Calorie Free Dressing!?

Walden Farms Salad Dressings

Walden Farms Salad Dressings

Could it be true? Should dieters around the world rejoice? Has the perfect solution to those urges for sauces and drenched salads been discovered? The long and short of it is: No. Walden Farms is a company that offers what many dieters seek: a calorie free option to satisfy those urges for creamy salad dressings an other sauces. The sad part is that, although calorie free, in my humble opinion, they don’t taste that good.

We should all realize it by now. The fat and sugars are a large part of what makes food taste so good. If those calories aren’t there, then neither is the flavor. Still, do not give up!

The first time I dieted, I tried these and was disappointed. After years passed by, and I came back to dieting, I figured that I would give them another shot. Guess what. They still are pretty bad. That determined, my bottle of Honey Dijon was exiled to the back of the fridge most likely to remain there until I moved out of my apartment. That was until I was stuck with a creative and daring idea: don’t use it as dressing.

With high hopes, I tried a new creation last night. Using the dressing, I combined it with some spices (generic Italian, and garlic) chicken, and put the lot over pasta. It was surprisingly tasty. I had a creamy sauce with good flavor. apparently with a little seasoning, and some heat, the dressing can be given new life. Inspired I plan to see if I can rewrite my opinions of calorie free dressings with sauce laden dishes.

As an additional note, I saw that Walden Farms also offers other calorie free things like peanut spread (we all know it’s not butter), BBQ sauce, and even chocolate sauce. I’ll have to see how these are, and if any of them are worth it. If they aren’t then I’ll just have to try to recreate them in another form.

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