Nom!: Fueled by Caesar

Ok so I’ve mentioned that I am now taking Shaolin Kempo lessons twice a week. Well, as the crazy person that I am, I’m still running my 4+ miles before class. With that, I understandably have a limited meal time. To the left is my healthy, light, and refreshing dinner…Well at least half of it.

I believe I’ve mentioned the Perdue Perfect Portions Chicken Breast previously, but if not, check them out. I cook one of these hunks of tasty bird up the night before, and shred/chop it up. Into a this bag of awesome it goes, and walla shake for instant dinner.

The best part is that this Fresh Express Caesar Salad doesn’t taste lite. I think the only difference between it and the regular is a lack of cheese…Hmm, should probably check that…Anyways, this acts as a nice refueling meal, hitting my body with vitamins, minerals, and punch of chicken-tastic protein before my class. Also, it is diet friendly at 8 points with the chicken added. Can’t go wrong there!

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