Because it’s Tuesday: The All Edges Brownie Pan

all_edges_panSo, after a brief hiatus from blogging, I’m returning with some new “Theme Days” for the blog. The first of which being Because it’s Tuesday. Now, in my group of friends, Tuesday is just that awkward out of sorts day of the week that just reeks of random. Thanks to that, I am going to try and bring some oddities of the internet to your kitchen every Tuesday. We’ll start it off pretty simply with something that I’ve known about for a while: the All Edge’s Brownie Pan.

Now, those crazy guys over at ThinkGeek have had this item on their site for quite some time, and I always need to resist the urge to buy it when I’m over there. Now, I know not everyone likes the edges of brownies, but I sure do, and this item is right up my alley. It leaves you with…well…all edges on your brownies.

Ok, so this isn’t as random as I could be for a Tuesday, but I needed to start it off somehow, and this item is one of my favorites. Check it out, if you’re an edge person, or simply because you’re bored and it’s Tuesday.

  1. I love ThinkGeek. They have such fun stuff!

      • approacheszero
      • May 26th, 2010

      ThinkGeek is a treasure-trove for geek minded people. If you like this, you should look into the Mini Donut Factory that I also posted about. Thanks again for the comment 🙂

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