Gets a Face-Lift

Fast food chains are now a part of every persons life. Whether you eat at them regularly, count how many you see on your ride to work, or simply marvel at how different ones pop up across the street from others, we all know about fast food restaurants.

Personally when I’m following my diet, I avoid fast food, and only indulge on particular days. Even then, I usually am a Burger King, or Taco Bell guy. Still, sometimes I do end up under the golden arches, and have often been curious about what, nutritionally, is really going in my gut. For a long time, getting this information from McDonald’s was a chore. There nutritional info was in one large, cumbersome, and frankly, hard to read spreadsheet/pdf thingy. (Yes I described it as a thingy)

Well to normal patrons, and dieters sheer, they have updated their site. The new allows for easier searching of their food, with easy to find, read, and customize nutritional information. How many calories do you save from the standard Big Mac without the special sauce? Uncheck the box in the nutrition, and it will tell you!

Now, I still don’t recommend McDonald’s to dieters. It’s like willing walking into a minefield with the difficulty set to high. Still, I give it to McDonald’s for helping us out by at least making it easier for us to find out how many laps we should run after a meal.

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