Because it’s Tuesday: What’s the Odd Thing You Eat?

So, this Tuesday, I’ve posted a lovely image from the site as my random absurdity. Now, this site is an endless source of amusement for me as it is a constant host of amusement, and the oddest, and sometimes most stomach food items found on the internet.

Now, the whole site is a gas, and a great way to eat up an afternoon at the computer clicking away, but it begs the question: what kind of food oddity do you like.

Now up above is an abomination called the KFC Elvis Double Down, latching onto the fanatic craze that is KFC’s…creation. Most elvis items in themselves are a persons food oddity. I mean, really we’re talking about peanut butter and bananas folks. That’s not your average fare.

Really though, I can’t judge. I have my own eating habits that some people might shake their head at. So for now, here’s a list of my own wierd food combinations. Take a look, and see if you shake your head. Better yet, see if any sound good. Best yet, share some of your own in the comments.

And without further ado, the odd:

  • Peanut Butter on Eggs
  • Mayo on French Fries
  • Mayo on High School Cafe Pizza
  • Ketchup on pasta (yeah, plain pasta)
  • Honey Mustard on Steak
  • Gravy on Fries
  • Maple Syrup on Sweet Potato
  • And last but not least (although not that odd) entire pints of Ice Cream
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