Restuarant Review: Jade Garden of Hooksett, NH

I have one rule about living somewhere: you need to find “that” Chinese restaurant. Everyone has one. It’s your go to place when the craving strikes, and you know they have what you want.

I’ve lived in Manchester now since the end of December 2009, and have been looking for “my” place.

When I first moved in, I tried a local place that had gotten some pretty solid reviews on It was the Aloha restaurant, and I only felt it to be…so so. The problem I really had is that it did not have dinner specials available on Sunday night. Well this started a trend.

Over the next couple months, I got several menus in the mail for other local places. What did they all have in common? No one serves dinner specials on Sunday nights. Sadly for me, that’s usually when I get the hankering for Chinese. Well at long last, on a Sunday night, I found myself with a flier for the Jade Garden in Hooksett.

Well, I ended up ordering my standard from there: Sweet and Sour Chicken. Even better, they offer your choice of an additional appetizer. Without a doubt, had to get crab rangoons.

Now to what it actually was like. IT WAS AWESOME. Food was tasty. The service was fast and friendly. The portion size was great. The only interesting bit is that an hour later I was hungry, but that’s generally the rule with Chinese. The best way to describe it was that everything was fresh. That goes a long way in takeout. Besides that, the food was the standard. I’ll have to try some other dishes now that I know the place is “safe” as far as a takeout restaurant goes.

  1. June 17th, 2010

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