Because it’s Tuesday: A Personal Donut Factory

Oh ThinkGeek why do you do this to me? This item is just so … wow. Words escape me writing about this new kitchen gadget just as they did when I first saw it on ThinkGeeks site.

What you see here folks is the ultimate device to destroy diets, and create love handles. This is the Mini Donut Factory. It is precisely that. Imagine if you will some mad genius combined donuts, and a waffle maker. That is exactly what this is.

Now I can’t speak to all the wonders of this contraption as I have yet to try it. Reading about it leads me to believe that, of course, these donuts are not as good as the real thing. Really, who can argue with some fresh Dunkin Donuts.

Still, for $20 you have the means to send yourself in a diabetic coma. This is the perfect device to an epic Tuesday. Head over to ThinkGeek, and get making donuts folks…

  1. August 3rd, 2010

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