What’s New: 7 Days Croissant

So one night watching late night television, my roommate and I spotted this random commercial that’s posted above. I don’t know if it was because it was late, we were tired, or because we had too much sugar that day, but we couldn’t stop laughing about the randomness that was this advertisement.

Now I don’t know what frosting filled croissants have to do with bulls, but the idea stuck, and we kept a lookout for this random snack. Well, lo and behold if we didn’t find them this weekend in the grocery store. My roommate, being more adventurous here than myself for once, bought a large chocolate filled croissant, and a bag of mini vanilla filled ones.

Well, these treats are 7 Days Croissants made by Chipita. As with any prepackaged confection treat, we were a little concerned for our insides, but decided to try these anyways. First we dug into the mini vanilla croissants. They were…ok. I was a bit surprised about how buttery tasting the croissant part was; almost a little too much. The frosting itself was ok as well, but definitely along the lines of cheap doughnut filling.

I took it upon myself to go after the full-sized chocolate version, leaving my roommate to the bag of minis. This was…not as good. The croissant was clearly too butter filled in this specimen, making it a little unpleasant to eat. As for the filling, the chocolate paled in comparison to the vanilla. It was more along the lines of gas station pudding pie thing. Definitely not something I will return to.

So overall, this adventure was mediocre. Our curiosity was sated with no long-lasting digestive consequences. Still, I mark this one as more of a novelty than anything that should be consumed on a regular basis.

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