Restaurant Review: Hanover St. Subway in Manchester

So, most weekends when I am not off and about in other sections of the state, I end up going to Subway at least once. This isn’t completely my fault, instead I blame my roommate as he considers himself a sort of Subway aficionado. Yeah, he really does…

Still, I can’t complain. Considering this isn’t the only post I’ve ever written about the sub chain, I would be lying to say that I don’t enjoy me a $5 foot-long on occasion. Well, due to the combined proximity to our apartment, and the grocery store, we end up most often at the Subway located at 881 Hanover St. in Manchester, NH.

Now this is not your standard Subway, but is instead a privately owned Subway. The owner is a friendly Indian man who also owns a secondary location in Merrimack, NH across from the post office. We see him in the Hanover Subway almost every weekend, to the point where he recognizes us now.

So, besides the fact that the subs here are consistently good (always fresh, and well made) this Subway keeps some of those menu items that disappear from other Subways that are part of the main chain. For instance, I can go in here, and get one of my favorite subs: the pastrami. Hopefully I don’t need to go into detail about the virtues of Pastrami as they should be well known, but I was devastated when it was struck from the normal menu at Subways.

Thanks to great quality, and knowing what their customers want, I have to give it to the Hanover St. Subway in Manchester as one of my favorites of the chain.

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