What’s New: Diet Trop-A-Rocka Tea

Ok, so this week’s What’s New post starts with a shout-out to the awesome food blog Slashfood. So besides being a nice place to go read about food news, and interesting recipes, Slashfood also occasionally holds nifty competitions and giveaways. One such giveaway was to comment about your favorite flavor of Snapple, and be entered into a contest to win a 6 pack each of Snapple’s two new tea flavors: Diet Trop-A-Rocka Tea, and Compassionberry Tea.

Well, guess what? Yours truly managed to be the lucky winner of some Snapple Tea! Thanks Slashfood! So for now lets look at the diet tea as I’m still trained to reach for a diet drink first.

Now, Snapple doesn’t have a description of the taste of this tea on their site, but do claim that it is “rocker approved”. Well, good for them, but I’m more interested in the taste. That said, opening up the tea, the first thing that you can smell is mango. Now, I’m a fan of mango, but know that it can be a tad sweet. Tasting the drink, my theory is confirmed. The first sip is a blast of mango flavor, and man is it sweet. Still, it’s very good, with the tea taste riding backseat to the citrus punch that this tea throws. My roommate, who is very “refined” about the sweetness and adventuresome of his beverages gave it a try, and had to take a step back.

We both agreed that this was a tasty drink, but with the K.O. mango punch, it needs to be consumed slowly. usually I’ll blast through a bottle of Snapple as a single beverage, but this one had me close it up, and save the other half for later, completely satisfied.

Now to the nitty gritty of this tea. First things first: this beverage is “free” for weight watchers, but does still have calories. Like Crystal Light, there’s that 5 calories per serving in there, so 10 for a bottle. I know, peanuts in a 2000 calorie world, but when you try to eat too many “free” foods on weight watchers, they can add up over a day. Also to be noted is the sweetener used. Without diving into the battle that is the artificial sweetener showdown, I’ll just say that this uses my least favorite: the dreaded aspartame. Still, as a treat, you could do worse.

Overall, I would definitely try this flavor of Snapple again. It was tasty, and able to satisfy a sweet tooth for a while, as well as any random mango cravings. It really was potent in that department. So once again, thanks go to Slashfood for introducing me to this tasty diet drink.

  1. Sounds awesome. I want a free one!

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