Subway: A New and Improved Website?

Lately, a week can’t go by that I don’t write some post about Subway. Some are good, some are bad, some are simply informative. This is an interesting note, especially after my call for more transparency on Subway’s main website.

After a friend had suggested that I try Subway’s new Orchard Chicken Salad sub, I decided to see what kind of nutrition Subway was toting with what, in my mind, could never be that good for you. Well, after a brief struggle at, looking in the nutrition and menu section for information about this sandwich, I was redirected to a whole new site:

Now this was interesting. Instead of fixing their original site, it looks as if Subway simply redesigned it at another URL. Well, I must say that I was able to find my information here, and then some. This site has some serious chops compared to the old site.

To start, the UI is much better, looking to have climbed out of the 90’s, and early 2000 website style previously sported by Subway. Now we have some good features on the site.

Of course my first stop was the menu/nutrition tab. Along the right side of the page are expandable sections of Subway’s menu. Click on an item, and in the left and center area, you get a nice picture of the item, and a description. What is that right below? Nutritional Information? Don’t mind if I do! Click on this button, and you get a nice clean breakdown of your sandwich’s “stats”.

Now, you know how I asked for transparency? Well, opening up the nutritional information triggers the “your build” button to be revealed. Click on this, and the picture is replaced by an ingredient selector. This serves a two-fold purpose. First, it gives a clean representation of what comes on the sandwich with the nutritional information provided. Second, its dynamic so as you customize your sandwich, the nutritional information changes to reflect your ingredients.

Now that’s what I’m talking about Subway! You have officially one me over with your new site. Now an OCD eater like me can figure out even more accurately what I’m taking in at my favorite sub shop. You have restored my faith with your new website, and smart design.

With these new tools in hand, I was able to calculate the point-age of the orchard chicken without further struggle. It joins the Sweet Onion Chicken Terriyaki as a 7 point 6 inch sub on the menu. Not bad, and definitely worth a try in my mind. Thanks Subway!

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