Because it’s Tuesday: Meat Child of KFC

Oh KFC, what have you wrought with your Double Down madness? WAIT! Lets not go down that road right now, filled with sodium, and follow-ups involving burgers between grilled cheese sandwiches.

What is to be pointed out here is that KFC has announced the meaty child of the Double Down, coming to their menus July 5th. I give you the Doublicious!!!… Yeah…

Well, it looks like a chicken sandwich. Yes, KFC totes the presence of bacon, cheese, and that “special sauce” from the Double Down, but there’s not a whole lot that jumps out as unique about just another chicken sandwich on a fast food menu…or that much that’s double about it as it’s name suggests.

I might give it a try KFC, but you lost your grove with this one. Kudos for not even reinventing the wheel, but just for re-branding it…again. Thanks to the folks over at Slash/Food for pointing this one out.

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