Because it’s Tuesday: Wafflesicle!?

AWESOME!!! Yeah, that’s what this is, it’s and awesome maker!!!

Okay, actually this is something that I spotted over on Gizmodo last week, and because I had already thrown up my Tuesday post, I put this on hold for today.

What we are looking at is a Wafflesicle maker. Yeah that’s right, you can eat waffle’s on a stick. I don’t know if this jumps out at me because of the sheer novelty of being able to eat unexpected items on a stick, or because I’ve had a weird craving for waffles lately. Still, this is most definitely a Because it’s Tuesday item from Triangular Concept.

  1. I saw this too and though it was an interesting idea. Good in theory, but I still have my doubts in practice with a stick. I bet it would at least making a good syrup dipping snack sans stick.

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