Because it’s Tuesday: Mini Cupcake Factory

Oh ThinkGeek, you’ve done it again. First it was the horrifying wonder that was the Mini Donut Factory. That one wasn’t really fair, but at least there was the imperfection of it baking donuts instead of frying them to stay my hand from the order button.

Now you bring forth a new delicious horror: the Mini Cupcake Factory. Now these are meant to be baked. This brings a cupcake to you as they should be, not as some compromise of convenience. It’s like a George Foreman mated with a stoner’s dreams. Bad ThinkGeek!

Still, there’s no denying how awesome this is. I want one. For $20 it’s even reasonably priced. Must…walk…away…from…computer… Ok, we’re good. I can pass on this purchase. Well, for now I’m safe until they make a version of these crazy devices that makes cookies…Then I’m done for.

    • your mom
    • February 2nd, 2011

    The cupcakes this makes are PERFECT, and so moist and utterly delicious. order it. order it nooow.

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