Back from Scotland: Ben and Jerry’s Around the World

So, I returned from my two week vacation in Scotland this past weekend, and have finally made it back here to catch up. Sorry for the long period of silence, but I do return with some great tastes from overseas. While over in Scotland, I did manage to grab some Ben and Jerry’s that I’ve never seen stateside.

First up is Fairly Nuts, a caramel ice cream with praline almond clusters, and a caramel swirl. What caught my eye on this one was the nut clusters. I had never gotten that kind of thing in a Ben and Jerry’s pint, and I was curious to try it. Overall, the flavor was pretty decent. The caramel ice cream was mild, and the swirl was not as present as I would like. The real bummer here turned out to be the nut clusters. Really, they were more like small chunks that just weren’t enough. I would have like more of it, just like I do in any pint. Gotta love lots of mix ins.

So, the next flavor that caught my attention as something I hadn’t tried was Caramel Chew Chew. This one’s pretty easy to figure out: caramel ice cream, caramel swirl, and chocolate covered caramel bits. I grabbed this more for the fact that it was something that I haven’t tried than the striking need for caramel. Once again, I found this flavor to be quite mild. The bits in this pint were good though. They were the similar mini cup style that you find in most ice cream brands. Still, they were distributed very well throughout the pint, so I had some in every other bite. Besides that, it was the same as the Fairly Nuts. These are ok, but they don’t touch Cinnamon Bun for a flavor.

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