What’s New: Cool Whip Free

So, let’s make some understatements of the century: I kinda have a thing for ice cream. Ice cream, in the quantity that I prefer to consume it, is not so healthy.

More blatantly, it’s nothing for me to polish off a pint of ice cream in a sitting, and that just doesn’t work on a diet. Or does it? I have previously talked about Stonyefield Farms Organic Frozen Yogurt in which an entire pint of their After Dark Chocolate flavor is only 7 points. That’s pretty darn good, but at the same time, those are some expensive pints. They make Ben and Jerry’s look like store brand pricing. So what is a humble ice cream deprived dieter supposed to do? Enter Cool Whip Free.

I see those looks. Those are the “What the heck is he thinking?” looks. Well, you’re kinda right, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Most of us know what Cool Whip is. It’s that great white stuff (no snickering) that doesn’t come in a pressurized can (normally), and is most at home on top of fresh slices of pumpkin or pecan pie.

Now to get to the whippy, creamy state that is intended for pie application, we throw this tub into the fridge, but where do we first find it? That’s right folks, the freezer. Now what is this stuff like in the freezer? It’s more solid, although slightly elastic compared to ice cream. Still, it does fill that void of cold cream-like substance from the chilled beyond.

Okay, should probably get to the point now. A tub of Cool Whip is much cheaper than fancy organic frozen yogurt. The “Free” kind only has 15 calories per serving. This ends up being about 325 calories for an entire tub. That’s not so bad when you think about it. If you go nuts, and polish off an entire tub (it can happen) you’re only down 8 points. There you go folks, alternatives on the cheap. That, or it’s not a bad addition to normal desserts with a nice low calorie amount per serving.

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