Subway: Free Sandwich Fail

So, I feel that it’s pretty established by now that I am a common patron of Jared’s favorite haunt: Subway. Well, as such, I am one of those people that keeps one of their cards on me to rack up points for the occasional free sandwich. Makes sense to me. The only skin off my back is having to remember to hand them the stupid thing before paying for my sub.

So, a little while back, I had a hankering for a roast beef sub. Not unheard of, and we were heading to Subway anyways as it is in the same complex that my roommate and I do our grocery shopping. I had remembered from my last visit that they had pointed out that I had accumulated enough points for a free 6-inch sub. Perfect. I went into subway, ordered my sub, handed them my card…and guess what?

Apparently roast beef is a Premium sub, and you can only use the free deals on things that are on the five-dollar-foot-long side of the fence. So lame. So, here is the cautionary tale of there always being a catch…at least the sub was tasty though, but it could have done with some of that special sauce called free sandwich.

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