Mixing it Up: Indoor Rock Climbing

So, this past week, I have been pushing my boundaries, re-assessing where I am, and want to be, and overall, taking stock. As such, I found myself looking for new hobbies and activities to try. Somehow, climbing popped into my brain.

Now, I enjoyed my school’s climbing wall back in high school, and have done some low level bouldering and rock climbing in the wilderness. Nothing to brag about, but enough to know how to put a harness on the right way. It’s a fun, and strenuous activity, kind of similar to my karate class in my mind as a form of cross training. Enter the internet, and poof: Vertical Dreams.

Vertical Dreams is an indoor rock climbing gym in downtown Manchester, NH. Looking at their site, the place looked interesting, the hours are great during the week (4 to 10 weeknights, longer hours on weekends), and the rates were reasonable with a nice little beginners lesson with equipment included for $35.

What’s a guy to do with this information? Well, I grabbed my buddy Kyle, and we went for a lesson on a Friday night. It was fantastic. Vertical Dreams is set up on the 5th floor of a Mill Building downtown, and is immediately welcoming when you walk through the doors. Couches, good music, and just a friendly vibe are what greet you. The owner, Lee is a nice guy who is more than willing to help you out, and get you going.

Well, Kyle and I got through our lesson, and spent the next hour and a half climbing the walls, and belaying each other, getting a decent workout all around. I was able to get myself re-acquainted with something I had forgot that I enjoyed, and push myself with my newer in shape physique. All those pull-ups really do pay off when it comes to something like this, but even I was shaking a bit by the end.

I can’t wait to go back, but I really need to find someone to go with. You really kind of need someone to belay you, otherwise you’re stuck on the bouldering walls. This is fine, but they are a lot more challenging. Still, this place may act as my new cross training site with it’s great hours, great environment, and not to mention great rates with a year membership only running $430. We’ll have to see what comes about from this, but anyone in the area should head on over and say hi to Lee, and have a great time climbing at Vertical Dreams in Manchester, NH

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