What’s New: Ritter Sport Bar

Since my trip to Scotland, and also since starting to read some blogs like Candy Blog, and Candy Addict, I have been trying to be more consolidated and adventurous when I splurge on foods that are off diet.

What this really means is that I’m trying to be all fancy-shmancy with my off the wagon weekends. Well, on one blog or another, I say a review of a Ritter Sport Bar.  Reading the article, I remember seeing the square bars in supermarket candy isle up near the Lindt chocolates and such, and moving on, deeming them too expensive and whatnot, settling on things like Snickers instead.

Well during my recent climbing escapade, Kyle bet me a candy bar that I wouldn’t make it to the top using a more interesting path up a ledge. Well, not one to be denied, and with chocolate on the line, I attacked the climb, and made it to the top. Kyle owed me some chocolate. So what did I do? I had him grab me a Ritter Sport Bar to try. I ended up picking the Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts to try.

The bar was big, ad probably should have been shared, but Kyle wasn’t interested. Oh well, more for me. the bar comes in a  standard 100g square that can be broken easily into smaller chunks. Breaking it apart, my first thought was that they weren’t kidding about the nuts. They are big, and laced through the entire bar. Sweet deal. Breaking off my first chunk, and popping it into my mouth, was pretty awesome. The dark chocolate was good, and there were more than enough nuts to give a punch of flavor. Still, it was nothing fantastic.

I guess I just don’t have a refined enough pallet for chocolate. I mean, I liked this more than say, a Hershey’s Special Dark, but at the price these things go for, they just aren’t worth it. They are definitely nice to get if someone else is buying, but not a must have on my own dime. Still, the dark chocolate was silky and good, but not as bitter as I might have expected. What was interesting though, was that me who doesn’t drink milk (long story) was left craving something of that nature after a bar of that rich dark chocolate. Just an interesting result.

  1. I think at this price point, you can’t beat a Ritter Sport bar. I agree they cost more than a Hershey bar, but I think it’s worth it, for me personally. For a few months Ritter was running a buy one get one free deal, which made these bars an amazing bargain in my opinion. However, now that they are back to full price, I can see your point. Although, the Ritter Sport Cornflakes is easily my top candy bar of all time. I think what I like best about Ritter Sport is the variety, they offer combinations other companies do not.

    • Eve
    • February 23rd, 2011

    Something to take note…Ritter sport bars vary greatly in their price depending on where you buy them. I suspect that if you can find them at a Wal-Mart they will be the cheapest there. However, Target sells them for $2.09 which is decent and they usually have a good variety. They will put them on sale and when thy do they sell out. I’ve literally seen the candy aisle ransacked when they had a Ritter sale. I’ve seen Ritter bars for $3.59 a piece at our local CA grocery chain and $3.99 at international-type grocery stores. The big problem is places like CVS or Walgreens, if they even carry Ritter, carry the same 2 or 3 varieties – Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, and Dark. Target is the only place to get a decent price on my Butter Biscuit and Cornflake bars.

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