Out of Curiousity: Cold Stone at Home

So in my effort to be both thrifty, and enjoy a higher caliber of treat, I decided to try something different, instead of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Cold Stone is always a nice treat for me. There is something special about getting an ice cream loaded with mix-ins from a Cold Stone, besides there abhorrent prices.

Going into Cold Stone in the past, I have noticed that they carry things like cakes, cupcakes, and the like, but also, they have pre-packed quarts of their signature flavors. Well, I was in the area of my local branch the other day, so decided to try one of these To-Go tubs of Founder’s Favorite. At $5.99, they are an expensive quart of ice cream, but compared to the cost to get something made at the creamery, it’s actually a good deal.

So, I brought it home to share with some friends. Yes, I did share. Even a quart of ice cream is a bit much for me. And the verdict? Not worth it. There aren’t nearly enough mix ins, and they are all trapped in the center of the container. The ice cream lacks flavor, and everything is just not as up to par.

Lesson learned folks. If you want the high quality treat, pay for the high quality treat. That, and you know it’s fresh when it’s made in front of you 😉

  1. I love Coldstone’s, but I’ve never bought a container to take home.

    The mix-ins are the best part, so it stinks that they skimped.

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