Awfully Delicious: Deep Fried Mars Bar

Yeah, I went there. An interesting part about my trip to Scotland this year was that it landed me in the city of Edinburgh on my Birthday. What’s a guy to do to celebrate during a festival in a foreign country? Wander the streets of course!

Even though I love to have a plan, or a goal in my day (I live for a schedule) sometimes, I enjoy planning to have time to just do whatever. I know that sounds weird, but imagine a calender with a 5 hour chunk blocked out that just says meander. Well that is pretty much what I did on my birthday, exploring the wonders of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Well, during my travels, I saw a sign on a store front that stopped me dead in my tracks, forcing me to turn around. Scribbled in sharpy on a paper plate taped to a store front window the words “We sell fried Mars bars” were written. The next thing I knew, I was in the shop, and had ordered one. I got my treat, and escaped to the street as fast as I could. That shop was dangerous. They fried EVERYTHING. A couple inside were waiting on their fried cheeseburgers. Yeah, had to get out of their holding only one cause for a massive coronary.

So, what was I holding? I didn’t take the picture above, but it looks almost identical to what I had. Biting into it was out of this world. The first thing that strikes you is the saltiness of the batter, and then you are struck by the rich sweetness of the candy bar. The caramel, and nougat ooze out in just the right way, not liquefied, but melted all together in its crispy coating. The treat is unbelievably rich, and still I scarf the treat without pause.

The fried Mars bar is an exercise in excess. It’s just wrong, and so much tastier because of it. This is a once in a lifetime treat…although I’d eat it again in a heart beat…even if it made that heart beat my last. What should be noted is that this whole shtick won’t work with just any candy bar. For instance a Snickers with its nuts inside wouldn’t be good. I’d be curious to fry a Musketeer bar though… NO NO NO!!! Mentally stepping away from the possibilities now.

The point is, if you see this, try it. It needs to be experienced at least once in life because that’s what it is: an experience. Please, just never make these fried and marvelous monstrosities a habit.

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