Applebees Update: Let There be Nutritional Information

So, I’m pretty sure that everyone has been to a chain restaurant at some point in their lives. I know I’ve been to a few, and some are more of a reliable standby then others. One such, is Applebees. The food and prices there are both good and consistent. Their menu is varied enough that I can usually always find something I want to eat. On top of that, they even have several menus items with Weight Watchers points listed. Now if that isn’t helpful on a diet, I don’t know what is.

Well, as kind as they are about having Weight Watchers menu items, they have usually been less forthcoming with the nutritional information on other items on their menu. One such area that this was particularly annoying with was their “Under 550 Calorie” menu. It’s a great marketing ploy, and nice to have healthier options on a menu, but as any dieter knows, their is a lot more to nutrition then a calorie number. Weight Watchers specifically also looks for fat, and fiber.

Well, what started this whole spiel is that while recently on another site, Eat This Not That, one of the under 550 items was listed as a healthier alternative, and had nutritional information listed. Well, skipping over to Applebees‘ site, low an behold, there was a nutritional information section for all of the menu items. Hooray, no more guess work!

So, as a celebration, here is a nice clean breakdown of the Weight Watchers information for Applebees’ Under 550 Calorie menu:

Food Calories Fat Fiber Points
Asiago Peppercorn Steak 390 14 5 8
Asian Crunch Salad 490 9 7 10
Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portabellos 450 16 6 10
Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice 380 4.5 6 7
Spicy Shrimp Diavalo 500 10 12 10
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