Recipe: Soda Roasted Root Vegetables

So, it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve had a recipe up heer, much less a healthy one. Well I have been off experimenting in the kitchen, and here is one of the results: Roasted Root Vegetables using soda! More specifically with root beer.

Now before you freak out, it’s not that horrifying. Cooking with diet root beer imparts an extra sweetness when roasted with vegetables I’ve found. In this rendition I used sweet potato, onion, and carrots with some salt, pepper, and garlic for seasoning. Oh yeah, and the root beer.

Now I roasted this for about 35 minutes, and found that I could have actually probably gone for 45 minutes (but I was hungry). The result was the always pleasant taste of roasted vegetables, but the root beer made it special. It gave it a caramelized taste that you really usually can’t get without butter. Using diet soda really is a great way to add sweetness to a recipe when you are trying to keep it healthy as well.

Well, as random as this post is (I’m feeling off my game as of late), give this kind of cooking a try. What else could you cook with diet soda?

    • buffy
    • December 22nd, 2010

    Dear blogger…so I was looking at images of awful food in google images, dont ask me why…I was kinda surfing with trillions of notions bounding round my head and looking for ways to really immerse myself in the ‘randomness’ of the web..when… ‘what the he,,?’ I came across your blog. And it was then that I was suddenly struck by the realisation that out there…completely hidden…. are an unimaginable amount of ‘characters’, exhibiting their own personas that ..who knows… will probobly never be encountered. This is one such blog. The unique focus on icecream that is then oddly accompanied by the most bizarre roast vegetables I have ever seen, burnt onions and all….well, it created this comment…because my mind, which is ever so fond of literary characters, was immediately bombarded by suppositions around ‘who the hell has created this character I need never know, but instinct tells me, is the character from chapter one of my next book?’ ‘Who is this icecream blogger who advises the desperation of soda and vegetables?’ ‘Where do they live?’ My narrative leanings tell me in some tiny apartment in a sleepy neighbourhood of some grey, post-industrial town in a rainy part of the US.
    Maybe I’ll never know. And no doubt I’ll cease to be interested tomorrow. But for now it has been a wonderfully random occurrence with the added intoxication of its exquisitely pointless nature…which is how I have discovered the secret to inventing one’s very own way to actually dive into the web and play in the waves.

    Thanks for reading


      • Porter
      • December 22nd, 2010

      Thank you for the interesting, and insightful comment. I’m always happy to provoke thought or interest with my “voice”. I do give you credit to your assumption of my life. I come from a small town upbringing, and do live near the small city of Manchester, NH at the momement.

        • buffy
        • December 22nd, 2010

        Ah, I have a name for my chapter one character. Porter…interesting! I come from Manchester United Kingdom, which is quite funny considering how random this communication has been. I guess you’re a student. An eye on being a writer yourself? A dreamer? 🙂 Aren’t we all?

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