dodgeballNathan Porter

  • Programmer / Developer
  • DBA
  • Gamer
  • Explorer
  • Hiker
  • Geek

What I Do

Currently, I work for an investment company in Merrimack as a DBA. I’m not completely settled into a named position yet, but I’ll figure that out come Eventually. For now, I enjoy my work down here,learning a new trade. Outside of work I’m trying to program as a hobby as well, and am helping that with a resurgence of blogging.

Who I Am

I am an odd combination of geek and outdoors man. I deeply enjoy the work I do in web development, work which seems to be spilling over to a hobby in my free time. I enjoy video games, and movies, but also would like nothing better than to go hiking, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, or to play racquetball. I grew up in the woods of Carroll County NH, and as such am just as at home out in the trees as I am in front of a computer screen

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