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Blast from the Past: SpaghettiO’s

Oh the foods of our youth. Growing up, one of those was Spaghetti-O’s, a staple of the daycare I went to as a young-un. Well, recently, Campbell’s latest marketing campaign has been about not telling kids that the pasta rings in tomato goop is actually good for them. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t check this out right?

Well, cue a trip to my grocery store with my trusty Weight Watcher’s slide rule, and me hunching down in the aisle as mom’s shovel the cans into carriages for a look-see.

Looking into it, each can has 2 servings, but I combined the nutrition as I polish off a can myself. For sheer points, I looked at a can of the “Plus Calcium” because why not? More calcium? Sure! Nutritionally we’re talking 340 calories, 2g of fat, and 6 g of fiber per can giving us a point value of 6. Not too bad at all for a 66 cent price point.

What’s more amazing is what else these can’s have to offer. With my workout, I’m always looking to add more protein to my diet. These cans are packing a whopping 12 g per pop, not to mention 60% of my daily calcium, and 50% of vitamin D as well as other basic vitamins and minerals. This stuff is good…for you.

Well, I’ll be the first to admit it folks, as an adult, Spaghetti-O’s have become my staple go-to quick meal when I don’t have much time to cook dinner. I serve them up with a chopped up 98% Fat Free turkey dog, and some green beans and I am good to go. Freakishly nutritious, and childishly delicious. Hey, whatever works right?


Review: Mint Oreo Fudge Cremes

Can something be better than a Girl Scout Thin Mint? I know, some readers may scoff at the question. Who could honestly question the cookie superiority that is the Thin Mint, that one box that is most fought over in the house, and can disappear in single sittings? Oreo can.

I know this might sound sacrilegious, but I think I may actually like these mint fudge cremes more than the Thin Mint. I didn’t feel this way at first with a test straight out of the package, but once these had sat in the freezer, doubt of the holy Thin Mint crept into my heart.

What makes these so amazing you might ask. Well for starters, my local Walmart caries them for $1.98. There is no going wrong with that price tag. Also, they are available year round…Okay, maybe there are some problems here, but they are in the right (unhealthy) direction. But still, price and availability do not a great cookie make. These are good.

Let me break this down for you. While a Thin Mint is great in it’s chocolate coating, the fudge cremes really do pull off a fudgy chocolate coating that packs a thicker chocolate punch. The insides use half of an Oreo cookie with that unique filling as a base except that it has been mint-i-fied to perfection. This cookie is my dream of a Thin Mint somehow made better. Some may doubt me. That’s okay, but before you judge, try these for yourselves, and join me on the dark side… We have cookies; tasty, minty, fudgy, thin-mint-beating cookies.

Tis the Season: Pumpkin Donuts

It’s that time of year again everyone. The summer temperatures start to dip. The leaves start to change color (at least here in NH). People with out of state licenses spontaneously pull over at the peril of other motorists to snap pictures of the foliage. Oh, and oh yeah, restaurants and stores start to roll out the fall themes food and beverages. Specifically, we get some tasty treats over at Dunkin Donuts like their Pumpkin muffins, donuts, and lattes.

Yeah, I’m the kind of guy that looks forward to these things. At the same time, I survive the year on what is, in my humble opinion, one of the better donuts available: the blueberry cake doughnut. Still, even I like to mix it up, and this time of year gives me the spicy and satisfying pumpkin doughnut. It’s your standard cake doughnut with a nice glaze, but Dunks really captured that deep pumpkin-y flavor in the pastry. Give me two of these, and a small Coolatta, and i am in a very happy place on a  blustery autumn day. Here’s to my favorite season folks!

What’s New: Snowballs

Ok, so we all know that section of the gas station. You know the one with the rack of Hostess, and Little Debbie snacks that will be our first (ok, maybe second) stop in the advent of the apocalypse. Yeah, haha, preservative joke, moving on.

Anyways, a little while ago, I saw the making of Sno-Balls on TV on one of those crazy “How it’s Made” style of shows. Darn it, it gave me a hankering. I hate hankering. Anyways, next stop at a gas station saw me walk out with sno-balls in hand.

Yup, they’re about what you’d expect. The coconut, cake, and filling are all fine, but I guess I’m not a huge fan of the marshmallow. I ran into this recently with a game of fluffy bunny (don’t ask) as well. Apparently my tastes have changed, and marshmallow just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Oh well, not the biggest loss there in my book. (No worries, marshmallow in a s’more is in a league all it’s own)

Overall, I’d say dodge these as a snack if you can. Moving past the list as long as my arm of nutritional reasons not to eat these, I just didn’t find them to be that special, and worth it. Still, you might say different. To each there own, and mine’s not marshmallow.

Because it’s Tuesday: Brushing Then Eating

We’ve all done it: gone and brushed our teeth only to realize the next thing on the agenda is to eat or drink something. We all know how bad that first couple bites or sips of whatever are going to taste. Personally I think brushing then eating an apple is the tops for the bad combo.

So why the picture of the Swiss Roll? Well, this past weekend I came up the stairs after brushing, and reached for one of my beloved energy drinks, and stopped in my tracks; I didn’t want to ruin it with post brushing flavor. Then it hit me: chocolate was the solution. With that I grabbed a Swiss Roll out of the fridge, and had a thin mint like treat. I won the palette cleansing game.

So what about you? Any interesting ways to get past that nasty post brushing bite? Any combination that have ever been particularly bad? Common people I could use some comment love.

Because it’s Tuesday: The French Cruller

Oh the humble doughnut. There are some foods that are so iconic that their name alone can send someone into their own little happy place, and doughnuts are one of them.

Still, doughnuts are unique because they aren’t all the same. they come in different sizes, flavors, fillings, frostings, glaces, the list is as long as a bakers imagination. Still, we all have our favorites. Barring my grandmother’s homemade doughnuts on Christmas morning (served with hefty amounts of Mimosas) my favorite has to be the unique and delicious French Cruller.

Wikipedia defines the French cruller as “a fluted, ring-shaped doughnut made from choux pastry with a light airy texture“. This treat is very different than your standard cake doughnut. Instead, it ends up being light and fluffy, but at the same time moist inside.

I’ll admit that I mostly get mine from Dunkin’ Donuts, so am missing out on what I could probably get from a “real” bakery. Still, they never disappoint unless of course they’re sold out. That actually happens pretty early and Dunk’s for this type of doughnut, but that’s another story…

Returning to the doughnut, I’ll admit that part of the reason that I love it so much is because I can eat more of them. That same light and fluffiness is great for increased consumption of the tasty treat. So, here is to the French Cruller. My favorite, and a very unique doughnut specimen.

What’s New: 7 Days Croissant

So one night watching late night television, my roommate and I spotted this random commercial that’s posted above. I don’t know if it was because it was late, we were tired, or because we had too much sugar that day, but we couldn’t stop laughing about the randomness that was this advertisement.

Now I don’t know what frosting filled croissants have to do with bulls, but the idea stuck, and we kept a lookout for this random snack. Well, lo and behold if we didn’t find them this weekend in the grocery store. My roommate, being more adventurous here than myself for once, bought a large chocolate filled croissant, and a bag of mini vanilla filled ones.

Well, these treats are 7 Days Croissants made by Chipita. As with any prepackaged confection treat, we were a little concerned for our insides, but decided to try these anyways. First we dug into the mini vanilla croissants. They were…ok. I was a bit surprised about how buttery tasting the croissant part was; almost a little too much. The frosting itself was ok as well, but definitely along the lines of cheap doughnut filling.

I took it upon myself to go after the full-sized chocolate version, leaving my roommate to the bag of minis. This was…not as good. The croissant was clearly too butter filled in this specimen, making it a little unpleasant to eat. As for the filling, the chocolate paled in comparison to the vanilla. It was more along the lines of gas station pudding pie thing. Definitely not something I will return to.

So overall, this adventure was mediocre. Our curiosity was sated with no long-lasting digestive consequences. Still, I mark this one as more of a novelty than anything that should be consumed on a regular basis.