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Limited Edition: Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts

Ah, the season continues as the leaves start to change color, and the temperature steadily drops. Shorts turn into pants, and sweatshirts become part of my daily attire.

As much as I love the climate of the fall season, I also am a huge fan of the onslaught of seasonal treats, and goodies that storm the store shelves. Now, I’m a huge pumpkin fan, and when I read about these, I knew I needed to find them, and give them a try for myself.

These, are Kellogg’s Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts. It took a little digging, but I was able to find these at my local Target in the Halloween section. “Sadly”, they only com in the 12 pack.

So, digging into them, what are they like? Well, it really is like a pumpkin pie. Now we’re not talking your grandmother’s homemade pumpkin pie with buttery flaky crust, and velvety pie filling. This is still a pop-tart after all. Still, biting into the pastry, you really do come away with an honest to goodness pumpkin pie flavor. The crust is a little dry, but that happens with a pop-tart no matter what. The filling is where it’s at, filling your taste buds with that pumpkin and spice flavor that makes you think of breezy days, and falling leaves.

So, what am I saying? If you see these, and like pop-tarts and pumpkin pie, grab them. It’s a nice change from the  standard brown sugar pop-tart that I think everyone has tried at least once. I tried mine sans-toaster, as I usually don’t have hot pumpkin pie. My final thought on this would probably be that it was a cool thing to try, and I enjoyed it, but that I’m good with it past that.


Frozen Yogurt Chart Pr0n

So, a while back I did something that was useful to myself as well as the other weight watchers out there with a taste for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and made a chart with all of the point values for the tasty pints. Chart’s are a great way to see the point values for items, so I’ve returned to do it again. This chart maps out the point values for the healthy ice cream alternative that I’ve mentioned before: Stonyfield Farms Organic Frozen Yogurt. The list has fat free at the top, and low fat frozen yogurts at the bottom in blue. Remember folks, ice cream is never out of season, enjoy!

Per Serving Per Pint
Flavor Calories Fat Fiber Points Points
Gotta Have Vanilla 100 0 0 2 8
After Dark Chocolate 100 0 0 2 8
Vanilla Fudge Swirl 120 0 0 2 10
Gotta Have Java 100 0 0 2 8
Strawberry-licious 100 0 0 2 8
Crème Caramel 130 1.5 0 3 11
Minty Chocolate Chip 140 2.5 1 3 11
Cookies ‘n Cream 130 2 0 3 11

What’s New: Ben & Jerry’s Omni-Review

So, originally I had started each of these as an individual post, but due to some backlog, I decided to group them together. So, that said, welcome to the first Ben & Jerry;s Omni-Review where my over-abundant love of ice cream is even more pronounced.

So to start, I tried a flavor that was suggested by my roommate, the great lover of all things peanut butter. Honestly, I was disappointed in Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup. It really is a lightly peanut butter flavored ice cream with honking chunks (where talking pretty much whole) peanut butter cups. The problem is, that’s all it is. There was just too much peanut butter even if no individual part was overwhelming. The flavor needs to be broken up a little with maybe a chocolate swirl, or a chocolate based ice cream with a heavy peanut butter swirl.

So next up, we have a return to a classic combo from my childhood: Mint Chocolate Cookie. Now this flavor works for me. It’s been a long time since I really enjoyed a flavor, but there’s something about mint ice cream that just lets me sit back and savor it. The ice cream is a peppermint base, and has been loaded with whole Oreo-type cookies that have softened slightly, but still provide a chewy contrast to the stark minty ice cream.

Really, the flavor reminds me deeply of my grandmother’s homemade grasshopper pie. It will definitely require a return trip as I find the flavor refreshing and delicious.

Now for the scary entry on the list. I have always hesitated when faced with trying Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream. For some reason, I felt that there was too much going on, and I was slightly wary of it’s “Malt Vanilla” base.

Stepping back, the flavor is described as “Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels in Vanilla Malt Ice Cream with Fudge and Peanut Butter”. Now that’s a mouthful. Don’t get me wrong, I love flavors like New York Super Fudge Chunk, and Everything But the…, but I was still slightly afraid of this flavor. I mean, I love chocolate covered pretzels (although I’m not a fan of the new pretzel M&Ms), and I’m always a fan of a good swirl, so I wasn’t sure what kept me away from this flavor.

Well, it’s definitely on my list to buy again. It has everything I wanted out of the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, but none of the monotony. I was right, a peanut butter swirl is a much better way to infuse flavor that an actual peanut butter ice cream. The salty pretzels in the ice cream enhance the flavor for a much more savory ice cream than some of the other flavors. Still, beware this flavor because it is almost too savory, and even I had trouble polishing off the pint. It’s a good flavor, but a rare occasion one.

So that wraps up the omni-review. That catches me up on ice cream which only can mean one thing: I need to go buy more. Here’s to seasonal fall flavors because I could really rock a pumpkin or gingerbread flavor if they turned up.

Restraunt Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

So, from several different sources now, I have heard about the supposed marvel that is Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Friends at work have told me that I’ve got to try it, and whenever I drive by one with someone in the car, they always seem to do the “ooh, five guys”. Well, I recently managed to go their with some friends, and try the place out.

Walking in, I was greeted by a bustling restaurant that reminded me of a cross between a Burger King, and  a county fair food stand. Still there were free peanuts offered in line while you waited to order, so I couldn’t complain too much. Walking up, I made my order of a bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, and onions, and an order of regular fries. So, this ran me about $10, so I was a little put off to start because I didn’t even order a drink, and I was tipping what I like to spend on a fast food lunch.

Well, the turnaround on the meal was slightly longer than your average fast food place, but better then a sit down.  I got my order, and we retreated to an open table outside. The first thing I noticed was the fries. They really were delicious, and they weren’t skimpy with them either.  A regular order could have easily been split between two people to help with the cost. They were delicious too, done in the style of skin on fresh fries. Definitely one of my favorite incarnations of potato.

Moving on to the burger. It was a sloppy griddle double pattied burger. It tasted decent, but was at the same time, nothing special. It fell in between a fast food offering, and a chain restaurant. Not bad, but for what I payed, I was a little disappointed. About half way into the burger I realized something was wrong, something was missing. Where was my bacon!? I looked on the receipt, and yup, there it was. Looking back at my burger, it was clear it was forgotten. I was bummed. It had cost extra, but it was too late, and too busy for me to try and remedy the situation. Still, I finished the burger, and was satisfied.

So, overall, I’m not a big fan of five guys. If I want a burger, I’d rather have a real burger. I usually order things like  Tendercrisp at fast food places anyways, reserving my red meat to be eaten in a slightly higher caliber. Still, I wouldn’t turn down some five guys fries if they were offered. That, to me, was the best this place had to offer. So, I give Five Guys Burgers and Fries a “Meh, not too bad”.

What’s New: Ben & Jerry’s Snickerdoodle Cookie

Nothing makes me stop more quickly in a grocery store than seeing the label “New”, or “Limited Edition” on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Now, for this to happen in a gas station is A: surprising, and B: slightly embarrassing when a cute girl sees you do it. Still, there’s not much to do, but shrug it off because it’s not like you can take it back.

This was the scenario that happened recently in a Circle K gas station when my friends and I were out on a Chinese food run. We had swung into the station to grab something sweet to follow up our takeout meal with, and low-and-behold if there wasn’t this new flavor in a gas station.

Well, who am I to deny fate. I grabbed the pint of Ben & Jerry’s new Snickerdoodle Cookie ice cream, and went on my merry way. Returning home, we enjoyed our dinner, and later on, I cracked open this pint to see what I had found for myself.

The flavor is described as “Buttery Ice Cream Loaded with Snickerdoodle Cookies”. What I saw when I opened the pint was a caramel colored ice cream, with hints of what might be cookie, and also a big chunk missing that meant a bad freezing process on my pint. Oh well, no use crying over ice cream that wasn’t there. I dug into the pint, and my hunch was confirmed. It seems to be the same base used in Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun, and Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice creams. Going through the pint did turn up some noteworthy chunks of snickerdoodle cookie in true Ben & Jerry fashion. Still, I found this pint lacking.

You see, both of the previous flavors bring more to the table than this one. Cinnamon Buns has that amazing cinnamon swirl with the bun dough, and Oatmeal has a better quality cookie along with fudge. This flavor wasn’t bad, but it still plays second fiddle to the two other flavors. I’d probably pick them over this any day.

Tis the Season: Pumpkin Donuts

It’s that time of year again everyone. The summer temperatures start to dip. The leaves start to change color (at least here in NH). People with out of state licenses spontaneously pull over at the peril of other motorists to snap pictures of the foliage. Oh, and oh yeah, restaurants and stores start to roll out the fall themes food and beverages. Specifically, we get some tasty treats over at Dunkin Donuts like their Pumpkin muffins, donuts, and lattes.

Yeah, I’m the kind of guy that looks forward to these things. At the same time, I survive the year on what is, in my humble opinion, one of the better donuts available: the blueberry cake doughnut. Still, even I like to mix it up, and this time of year gives me the spicy and satisfying pumpkin doughnut. It’s your standard cake doughnut with a nice glaze, but Dunks really captured that deep pumpkin-y flavor in the pastry. Give me two of these, and a small Coolatta, and i am in a very happy place on a  blustery autumn day. Here’s to my favorite season folks!

Eating Adventures: Haggis

So, this post is a bit delayed from my trip from Scotland due to patiently waiting for a picture that wouldn’t come. You see, one of my traveling companions enjoyed taking shots of some of the more interesting meals that we ate overseas, but at the same time was not the best photographer. After waiting to get the picture of the haggis that I ate in Scotland, I was devastated to find that the photo was washed out, and not in focus. Oh well, with a food as bizarre as haggis, the internet is more than forthcoming with useful media.

So, haggis. Most people don’t know what it is, or simply know to fear it. Well, the description of the dish doesn’t really ease the un-adventurous sorts fears. Wikipedia describes haggis as “a dish containing sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally simmered in the animal’s stomach for approximately three hours.” Ok, so not really appetite inspiring I know, and the image above of a traditional haggis might actually have some people running away, but please, give the weird meal a chance.

Nowadays, when you order haggis, you get something more like what you see to the right. The haggis is the hash-like substance on the left side of the plate joined by the traditional “neeps and taties” aka mashed potatoes and mashed turnips. Okay, maybe I should have tried a little harder to find a more appetizing picture, but at least this one’s realistic.

So, this more modern varient is usually prepared sans sheep stomach for boiling, instead opting for a sterile, plastic-like bag, and is really no more horrifying than sausage if you think about it. Really, I mean think, sausage is similar meat material in a casing of intestine. You’re really just talking apples and oranges here.

As usual, I digress; time to get to the point: taste. Assuming that you can get past the premise, what’s in it, and yeah its appearance, haggis is actually really tasty. I mean, it’s a lot like a combination of heavily spiced sausage and hash. A very broadly spiced mince of sorts. Still, if that doesn’t wet your whistle, that’s okay too. It really is one of the more odd foods I’ve ever seen or tried, and if you don’t want any, then that just leaves more for me. Still, try to escape your bubble, and try a bite. You might join me on this side of the fence encouraging others to take the leap into the unknown of sheep bits….Okay, not the most convincing wrap up line ever, but oh well.