I figured I would try what most prfessionals hate: meetings. ITS has weekly meetings to, as a group, discuss the progress of projects, and stading of upcoming events in the department. I went to this meeting to better get a feel for what my career may be like some day. It was interesting to observe the process as various tasks that the department has going on, as well as how they assign priority to process completion. Even I was involved in the meeting as the group discussed the new Campus Life tab for the myPlymouth site as several of the tabs that will be put into it are ones that are my responsibility to update and keep running. Overall, I have to say that even though many people sigh at the idea of a meeting, I enjoy the idea of hearing other peers thoughts about what is going on in the work place, as well as the slight distraction from a repeticious workday that it can provide.



Working at MIS, I occasionally get a few little side projects. One of these was the myMusic channel for the myPlymouth site. Since there is such an issue with music rights in the world as well as on campus, I was asked to create a “channel” that simply listed some more popular ways of getting music, through either purchase, or free straming on the net. Through this work, it came to pass that these links needed relevant icons to go with them. Since not all of the sites in my list had them, I had to create my own. To that end, I created icons for Pandora: as well as Amazon.mp3: . All of this may not necesarily be programming, but definitely an example of some of the varied things someone in my position may be asked to do.

Learning PL/SQL

Now that I am officially working as an intern with the MIS crew at Plymouth State University, I’m really getting my hands dirty. My job lately has been to update our outdated ECommerce code. This has involved taking top-down code and making a class based system with functions out of it. Also, I have had to learn a “new” language. (Actually, it’s kind of outdated) The language is PL/SQL, and is basically SQL with logic blocks. Useful, but messy, and not easy to follow all the time. My latest task has been to convert that top-down program into PHP, and then to break it apart once more to append to the class I had previously constructed. The good news is that the next guy will have an easy time if there are ever any problems with this code… The bad news is that I’m having no fun with it now XP. Oh well, I can at least say I’m learning a lot. If there are any questions about details or knowledge that I may have picked up in this project, comment, and I’ll respond.

.htaccess files ftw?

Junior year is busy, and not good for someone new to the blogging world. Still, I wanted to update with the newest thing I’m learning: .htaccess files. These little gems use regular expressions to redirect traffic for you…or at least thats my impression. My personal example needs to redirect users accessing .rdp files to an authentication check. It looks something like this at the moment:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{FILE_REQUEST} !-f
RewriteCond ^(.*) rdp.php?file=$1

We’ll see how this looks to my boss next week XP.

TV Guide Listings

So my latest assignment at work is to develop a channel in the schools myPlymouth page to have the TV listings for Plymouth, NH. Campus live has it so why shouldn’t we being the logic here; I started my quest to find out how to get the listings. Looking through the code of Campus Live, I was able to find this iframe which does work: <iframe style="border: 0px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); margin-left: 10px; width: 356px; height: 227px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" src=";profileid=305" frameborder="0" height="500" scrolling="no" width="920"></iframe>. Still, this line has a set partner id, and profile id, so it would be kind of wrong to steal it from them (not to mention legal applications). So for now, I’m stuck but if anyone knows more about how to sign up for listings2go with TV guide, please let me know.

A Former Project

To set the tone of this page, I’m whipping out the frankenstein project I made for sophmore year in an art class. What happens when you have five rundown PC’s, 4000 popscicle sticks, and 300 sticks of hot glue? Heres what happened with me.