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Review: Hershey’s Halloween Holiday Kisses


Photo courtesy of Baking Bites


Continuing with the trend of holiday fair, and the nine million blogs that seem to have already reviewed these products, I’m looking at some of the seasonal Kisses put out By Hershey’s. This year at my local target, I discovered Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple, and Candy Corn Kisses, only bringing the first two specimens home with me.

Looking at the photo in the upper left (taken by Nicole

Photo Courtesy of The Chocolate Review

at Baking Bites) you can see my favorite of the two varieties that I tried: the Pumpkin Spice. These were a real unique flavor, truly driving home a sweet and spicy flavor. The pumpkin was actually pretty muted in these, overwhelmed by what felt like a strong white chocolate that when combined with the spice component, almost burned the throat a little. They were pretty decent, but I’m more interested in the possibilities of baking with these. Hopefully for this Halloween weekend I will be able to find another bag to add to this 3G brownie recipe I found.


Moving on to the Caramel Apple kisses, all I can say is “whoa”. These things were crazy sweet, almost searing the back of my throat with how potent the filling is inside. To me, these tasted a lot more like a candy apple than caramel. I think that was due in part to the artificial apple flavoring used in these things. It also reminded me that although I love caramel, and eat apples every day, I’m not that huge a fan of the combo. I can’t put my finger on a reason why, but to me some things shouldn’t be tampered with.

Overall, these two flavor of Hershey’s Kisses are neat, and worth trying for the novelty, or if you are a seasonal food nut like I am. Still, I’m more excited about some of the varieties we may see more towards Christmas time. Bring on the mint and chocolate people!


A Decent Snack: Dried Apple Slices

So, I occasionally find myself in need of something to munch on. This is usually on my off diet days, and without thinking I often reach for things like candy or junk food in addition to the bad stuff I eat with meals. Well, I have recently tried to balance myself out, and to do that, I grabbed a treat that I love to eat all the time, and is good for me as well.

During the week, I’m always eating apples. As a morning snack, I munch a fresh apple. With my lunch, there’s usually a thing of unsweetened applesauce (it really is better without the sugar). Sometimes, I even fall back on my grilled apple recipe for dessert.

Well, this time around, I caught myself buying a Ritter Sport bar, and instead bought a healthy alternative while in Walmart: a bag of dried apples. Now, these things aren’t the dehydrated apples that you may find in other places. These are more akin to a dried apricot, being kind of moist, but at the same time not your standard apple. I guess in a snack world, I’d say that they were more like a fruit snack in texture.

What’s important to me is that they serve several purposes. First of all, they are sweet. I mean, they’re apples after all. Second, they are filling. These are dried, and expand when they hit your stomach. Third, they satisfy that craving I get for gummies sometimes. Oh, and fourth, they are only 1 point a serving with three servings in a bag. The bad news is that the bag will run you around two dollars, but you could do worse as I can easily get three separate servings out of this.

So, if you’re looking for a fat free snack that’s better then your average chewy gummy, give these dried apples a try. You’ll be eating them like candy.

Healthy Treat: Grilled Apple Slices

So, I am always on the lookout for healthy foods and recipes that don’t taste like they are healthy. It’s because I love me the sweets, and have one heck of a sweet tooth.

Well, lets take that knowledge, and combine it with Summer, the season of grilling…everything. Recently I talked about grilled zucchini and summer squash, and how easy and delicious it was. Well it got me thinking about what else I could potentially grill up. Somehow, I settled on apples. I had heard of baking an apple in a microwave from my roommate Jess back in college, so I figured that this would be on along the same lines of taste and consistency.

Ok, to the point: what I actually did. As you can see from the pictures that I thankfully managed to remember to snap, I sliced the apples into rings, but left the core in. After being told that it wasn’t bad by a former boss, I became one of those people who will much an ENTIRE apple. Combine that with the softening properties of grilling on high heat, and the center of the apple is no longer a problem.

Now for what you can’t see here. In addition to just grilling the apples, I used some of my lovely 0 calorie cooking spray, and a pack of Splenda to help caramelize the apples a bit. So, what are we left with? Rings of apple that taste somewhere between applesauce and candy, but have a much more satisfying heft. Oh yeah, did I mention that with a small granny smith like this, it’s only 1 point? Oh yeah, it’s awesome….Ok, why are you still here, you should be making this RIGHT NOW!

The power-supply mod

I have recently worked to resurrect an Apple G4 Mirror Drive Doors tower as an additional machine for myself. As seems to be the curse of the MDD, it’s extremely expensive and proprietary power-supply had died, and I wanted a mac. A little while ago, my friend efeion had done some similar Resurrection work, and modded an ATX power supply to replace the old apple one. Well, I knew it could be done so I decided to give it a try. With the help of my friend Matt, we set about on the project. As it was, I learned to solder for this, so it was a double win. The process was surprisingly straight ford, involving matching up the necessary wires from each power supply, and soldering them together. Then, with a little electrical tape and some Chinese wrap, walla a professional looking power-supply. As with efeion‘s, the apple cinema display is now the only thing that won’t work, but who has one of those anyways. For more information, check out his blog.