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Review: Talenti Double Dark Chocolate Gelato

So, back to Talenti Gelato I guess. This stuff still amazes me, but I’m disappointed that my Hannaford only stocks four different flavors (yes that means there’s one more gelato review after this one). Still, this particular specimen was one of the richest of any of Talenti’s products that I have tried thus far.

A wile back I talked about Ben and Jerry’s Flourless Chocolate Cake Ice Cream, describing it as one of the most chocolatey ice creams that I had ever tried. Well this throws that right in the back seat.

This Double Dark Chocolate gelato is rich with chocolate decadency, going so far as to even have a different texture than the other Talenti’s that I’ve tried. It boarders on mouse, but thicker, and creamier with the flavor punch that I’ve come to expect from this company. The chocolate bits in the ice cream are some of the best quality dark chocolate that I have ever tasted in a frozen dessert.

This is one for those nights when you really need a treat, and even I hesitate to have this flavor too often. It is potent, but so delicious. Try it, and then come back and thank me.


Attempted: Two Ingredient Brownies

I know, I say brownies, and then I show a  picture of truffles. I’m a horribly confusing person I know. Still, there is a connection here! This Halloween weekend, like most 20-something adults, I decided to throw a small, spooky shindig. As such, food was in order, so I decided to get creative and adapt this interesting brownie recipe into something to serve to my friends…

So, this is actually a  recipe post for my version of 3G brownies. With my odd fascination with pumpkin, and creative cooking, the idea of simply mixing a chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree was pretty enticing, especially with everything else I needed to do to get ready for a party. Oh yeah, here is the recipe form if you want to get professional:

Two Ingredient Brownies:

  • 1 box dark chocolate cake mix
  • 1 can pumpkin puree


  1. Mix cake mix and puree
  2. Put in pan
  3. Bake according to box directions

Yeah…it really is just that easy… I did try and mix this up a little. In an attempt to be classy, I actually baked these in a muffin tin, and put Lindt White chocolate truffles in the center in my attempt to create “Monster Eyes”. Yeah, it failed. The truffles browned in the heat of the oven, and caved in on themselves creating something that didn’t really……Still, the flavor combination was spot on.

The pumpkin and dark chocolate really make to form a velvety cake texture. Yes, that means these really weren’t brownies, more like very silky cupcakes. Still, they were enjoyed by all, and the pairing of the white chocolate added the sweetness that was needed to make these truly a dessert item. My goal is to try them again with Ghirardelli white chocolate chips next time to more evenly spread the sweetness, and not waste Lindt truffles.

The best part of these though has nothing to do with their simplicity or their flavor. I got my friend who loathes pumpkin (or at least thinks he does) to eat one, and say that they were awesome before telling him halfway through a mouthful that 50% of what he had just crammed into his mouth was pumpkin. He wasn’t thrilled, but the rest of us sure got a good laugh. Just goes to show you that it’s always good to try new things, and expand your horizons…or ask what something is made of before eating it.

Oh, last note on the nutrition of these things. It’s just a guess, but I think we’re talking somewhere in the vicinity of 200 calories a muffin without the truffles in them. No point value as of now as I wasn’t aiming for health food on Halloween.

What’s New: Ritter Sport Bar

Since my trip to Scotland, and also since starting to read some blogs like Candy Blog, and Candy Addict, I have been trying to be more consolidated and adventurous when I splurge on foods that are off diet.

What this really means is that I’m trying to be all fancy-shmancy with my off the wagon weekends. Well, on one blog or another, I say a review of a Ritter Sport Bar.  Reading the article, I remember seeing the square bars in supermarket candy isle up near the Lindt chocolates and such, and moving on, deeming them too expensive and whatnot, settling on things like Snickers instead.

Well during my recent climbing escapade, Kyle bet me a candy bar that I wouldn’t make it to the top using a more interesting path up a ledge. Well, not one to be denied, and with chocolate on the line, I attacked the climb, and made it to the top. Kyle owed me some chocolate. So what did I do? I had him grab me a Ritter Sport Bar to try. I ended up picking the Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts to try.

The bar was big, ad probably should have been shared, but Kyle wasn’t interested. Oh well, more for me. the bar comes in a  standard 100g square that can be broken easily into smaller chunks. Breaking it apart, my first thought was that they weren’t kidding about the nuts. They are big, and laced through the entire bar. Sweet deal. Breaking off my first chunk, and popping it into my mouth, was pretty awesome. The dark chocolate was good, and there were more than enough nuts to give a punch of flavor. Still, it was nothing fantastic.

I guess I just don’t have a refined enough pallet for chocolate. I mean, I liked this more than say, a Hershey’s Special Dark, but at the price these things go for, they just aren’t worth it. They are definitely nice to get if someone else is buying, but not a must have on my own dime. Still, the dark chocolate was silky and good, but not as bitter as I might have expected. What was interesting though, was that me who doesn’t drink milk (long story) was left craving something of that nature after a bar of that rich dark chocolate. Just an interesting result.

Because it’s Tuesday: Brushing Then Eating

We’ve all done it: gone and brushed our teeth only to realize the next thing on the agenda is to eat or drink something. We all know how bad that first couple bites or sips of whatever are going to taste. Personally I think brushing then eating an apple is the tops for the bad combo.

So why the picture of the Swiss Roll? Well, this past weekend I came up the stairs after brushing, and reached for one of my beloved energy drinks, and stopped in my tracks; I didn’t want to ruin it with post brushing flavor. Then it hit me: chocolate was the solution. With that I grabbed a Swiss Roll out of the fridge, and had a thin mint like treat. I won the palette cleansing game.

So what about you? Any interesting ways to get past that nasty post brushing bite? Any combination that have ever been particularly bad? Common people I could use some comment love.

What’s New: Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Froyo

So, this past week, there has been an amazing 2 for 1 sale running at Shaw’s Supermarkets on pints of Ben and Jerry’s. It’s not a huge sale as their prices on the ice cream run a bit higher than other stores at $3.99, but still, with the amount of Ben and Jerry’s that get’s eaten at my apartment, it was a good plan to take advantage of the minor savings.

So, besides grabbing some of my favorite flavors, I decided to give a healthier alternative a try. Now, most Ben and Jerry’s flavors are diet busters when you consider how likely I am to bust though an entire pint in a  sitting without breaking a sweat.

Remembering that I don’t mind Stonyfield Farms Organic Frozen Yogurt, I figured that I’d give Half Baked Froyo a try, as it’s one of their normal flavors that is usually delicious. The pint weighs in a bit heavier than my After Dark Chocolate from Stonyfield at 15 points. Still, compared to any normal offering from Ben and Jerry’s, this is a drop in the point bucket. It may put me over my points in a day, but won’t skyrocket me into the next county.

Well, with the nutrition out of the way, how was the dessert? Well, I guess it can be summed up by saying that for the first time ever, I threw away some ice cream. The flavor was very off, and I mean more off than your average frozen yogurt. Still, this wasn’t what bothered me the most. It was the texture. The entire pint was mealy. This was compounded by the fact that the cookie dough, and brownie were a different density of meely-ness than the bad frozen yogurt. I tried to give it a chance, thinking maybe it was  a bit freezer burnt, but the entire pint was like this as I dug through it.

Final verdict, sooo not worth it. I’d rather just enjoy the calorie bomb that is the normal, and amazing Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Let’s hope that their froyo and I never cross paths again.

Because it’s Tuesday: Shaped Cake Pans

So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a miniature bachelorette party at my apartment. Yeah, you heard me right, I said bachelorette party. Let’s keep moving before we get too bogged down with the logistics of the occasion. Let’s just skip to the point: I was asked to make a cake for the event, and my friend the maid of honor was gracious enough to give me some pans for the process.

Now, first here are some facts to mull over. First, the pans came from Spencer’s. Second, we like to mess with the bride to be as much as we can since she has a mild discomfort with male anatomy. Third, well I was just happy to bake something for now reason that I can think of.

Well, if you haven’t figured out what shape of cake I was making, well, then, please move along. You will probably either blush into a beet, or be offended if you keep guessing. Just to keep things PG here I decided to through up another awesome shaped cake pan. Might have found something I need to make for my roommate at sometime.

So what did I take away from this experience?

  1. Flesh tone can be created using vanilla frosting, and mixing in a little chocolate frosting at a time.
  2. Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix comes out pretty delicious, but slightly awkward as the cake-y center of man bits.
  3. Using a vegetable peeler on a dark chocolate Hershey’s bar makes something that looks hair-like.

Yeah, bet you weren’t expecting THAT on a Tuesday. Still, what kind of oddly shaped cakes have you ever made or eaten?

What’s New: Hershey’s Take 5

If you haven’t guessed yet, I have a little bit of a sweet tooth.  Yeah … understatement of the century there, but oh well. Needless to say, I like to try different kinds of candy bars when the opportunity presents itself. Recently, I was able to try a Hershey’s Take 5 bar.

So, one of my favorite sweet snacks is Pretzel Flipz. They are an awesome combination of sweet and salty with the whole chocolate covered pretzel shtick they have going on. Going in with that, I thought that the Take 5 would be an instant hit. Sadly, it was not up to par for my pretzel and chocolate desires.

So, the Take 5 is a bar that brings together chocolate, caramel, pretzel, peanuts, and peanut butter. In the above picture, courtesy of, you can see the layered construction of the ingredients.  The end result is, to put it bluntly, a little too salty for my tastes. I love Flipz, but they are much more on the chocolate side of the combo. The Take 5 actually just left me wanting a drink afterwards.

So, here is a candy bar that I will probably not jump at in the future, leaving it to those who desire something for a crazy salt fix. I’ll stick to my Flipz thank you very much.