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The power-supply mod

I have recently worked to resurrect an Apple G4 Mirror Drive Doors tower as an additional machine for myself. As seems to be the curse of the MDD, it’s extremely expensive and proprietary power-supply had died, and I wanted a mac. A little while ago, my friend efeion had done some similar Resurrection work, and modded an ATX power supply to replace the old apple one. Well, I knew it could be done so I decided to give it a try. With the help of my friend Matt, we set about on the project. As it was, I learned to solder for this, so it was a double win. The process was surprisingly straight ford, involving matching up the necessary wires from each power supply, and soldering them together. Then, with a little electrical tape and some Chinese wrap, walla a professional looking power-supply. As with efeion‘s, the apple cinema display is now the only thing that won’t work, but who has one of those anyways. For more information, check out his blog.


A Former Project

To set the tone of this page, I’m whipping out the frankenstein project I made for sophmore year in an art class. What happens when you have five rundown PC’s, 4000 popscicle sticks, and 300 sticks of hot glue? Heres what happened with me.