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Tis the Season: Pumpkin Donuts

It’s that time of year again everyone. The summer temperatures start to dip. The leaves start to change color (at least here in NH). People with out of state licenses spontaneously pull over at the peril of other motorists to snap pictures of the foliage. Oh, and oh yeah, restaurants and stores start to roll out the fall themes food and beverages. Specifically, we get some tasty treats over at Dunkin Donuts like their Pumpkin muffins, donuts, and lattes.

Yeah, I’m the kind of guy that looks forward to these things. At the same time, I survive the year on what is, in my humble opinion, one of the better donuts available: the blueberry cake doughnut. Still, even I like to mix it up, and this time of year gives me the spicy and satisfying pumpkin doughnut. It’s your standard cake doughnut with a nice glaze, but Dunks really captured that deep pumpkin-y flavor in the pastry. Give me two of these, and a small Coolatta, and i am in a very happy place on a  blustery autumn day. Here’s to my favorite season folks!


Because it’s Tuesday: The French Cruller

Oh the humble doughnut. There are some foods that are so iconic that their name alone can send someone into their own little happy place, and doughnuts are one of them.

Still, doughnuts are unique because they aren’t all the same. they come in different sizes, flavors, fillings, frostings, glaces, the list is as long as a bakers imagination. Still, we all have our favorites. Barring my grandmother’s homemade doughnuts on Christmas morning (served with hefty amounts of Mimosas) my favorite has to be the unique and delicious French Cruller.

Wikipedia defines the French cruller as “a fluted, ring-shaped doughnut made from choux pastry with a light airy texture“. This treat is very different than your standard cake doughnut. Instead, it ends up being light and fluffy, but at the same time moist inside.

I’ll admit that I mostly get mine from Dunkin’ Donuts, so am missing out on what I could probably get from a “real” bakery. Still, they never disappoint unless of course they’re sold out. That actually happens pretty early and Dunk’s for this type of doughnut, but that’s another story…

Returning to the doughnut, I’ll admit that part of the reason that I love it so much is because I can eat more of them. That same light and fluffiness is great for increased consumption of the tasty treat. So, here is to the French Cruller. My favorite, and a very unique doughnut specimen.

Because it’s Tuesday: A Personal Donut Factory

Oh ThinkGeek why do you do this to me? This item is just so … wow. Words escape me writing about this new kitchen gadget just as they did when I first saw it on ThinkGeeks site.

What you see here folks is the ultimate device to destroy diets, and create love handles. This is the Mini Donut Factory. It is precisely that. Imagine if you will some mad genius combined donuts, and a waffle maker. That is exactly what this is.

Now I can’t speak to all the wonders of this contraption as I have yet to try it. Reading about it leads me to believe that, of course, these donuts are not as good as the real thing. Really, who can argue with some fresh Dunkin Donuts.

Still, for $20 you have the means to send yourself in a diabetic coma. This is the perfect device to an epic Tuesday. Head over to ThinkGeek, and get making donuts folks…

Dieting with a Dunk’s Addiction

I am fortunately no longer dependent on caffeine. To my knowledge, I haven’t had a drop all this week. That may seem like something small, and some people may say “pfft, No Problem”, but millions of people are dependent on things like their morning coffee, of lunch soda to get them through the day. Well, the drawback of this addiction is that it usually entails extra calories, and fat throughout the day. Add to that, most people are in a hurry, and rely on places like Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks for their fix. Luckily, Dunk’s has hopped on the healthy bandwagon with some good alternatives.

With their DDSmart menu, Dunkin’ Donuts has taken some of their customers favorites, and given them a healthy twist. This does not mean that every thing on the Smart menu is Weight Watchers safe, but there are some great contenders. Following is a Smart menu to point breakdown:

DD Smart Menu
Small Coffee Coolatta with Skim Milk: 3 Points
Freshly Brewed Unsweetened Iced/Regular Tea: 0 Points
Small Iced/Regular Coffee with Skim Milk: 0 Points
Small Iced/Regular Latte Lite: 2 Points
Egg White Veggie Flatbread: 6 Points
Egg White Turkey Sausage Flatbread: 6 Points
Egg & Cheese on English Muffin: 7 Points
Ham, Egg & Cheese on English Muffin: 8 Points
English Muffin: 3 Points
Multigrain Bagel (No Cream Cheese): 8 Points
Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin: 9 Points

Well, there you have it. The drink menu is fairly safe for the Weight Watcher crowd, but saying the food menu is smart doesn’t mean that it’s not high in points. This is something to look out for in health ad campagns from corporate chains. Some of the items offered may very well be healthy, but something that is healthier doesn’t make it good for you. Exhibit A would be the Blueberry Muffin. Yes, there’s less fat in it than the original, but its still sporting 10g. My personal vice is a Coolatta on the weekends, and the skim milk makes it taste better in my mind. Its always good to check your addictions and see what they’re actually costing you.