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Because it’s Tuesday: Taoaster vs. Toaster Oven

It’s a feud as old as time. A debate that can turn friends and family against one another. A controversy that refuses to find middle ground…well, apparently except with the oddity to the left that I found at Walmart, but that’s not the point. The point is, everyone has an opinion on which is better to take up space on the kitchen counter: a toaster, or a toaster oven.

I’m firmly in the toaster camp at the moment. Over  a summer living up at college, one of my roommates had a toaster oven. For the entire break, I burned my finger’s on the stupid thing trying to get my toast out in the morning. Now I can already hear the cries about using tongs, and this, that, and the other thing, but in the morning, I like things simple. I shouldn’t have to fear burning. Moving past that, the thing never toasted my bagels, bread, or English muffins evenly.

When it comes down to it, I feel that a toaster oven can be practical. It is great for things like bagel bites, and other such frozen fair. Where it fails is the actual toast department. So, given my druthers, I’ll pick a toaster everytime, and just use a normal oven otherwise.

Still, that’s just my opinion. Where do other people weigh in on this most controversial of debates?


Because it’s Tuesday: Mini Cupcake Factory

Oh ThinkGeek, you’ve done it again. First it was the horrifying wonder that was the Mini Donut Factory. That one wasn’t really fair, but at least there was the imperfection of it baking donuts instead of frying them to stay my hand from the order button.

Now you bring forth a new delicious horror: the Mini Cupcake Factory. Now these are meant to be baked. This brings a cupcake to you as they should be, not as some compromise of convenience. It’s like a George Foreman mated with a stoner’s dreams. Bad ThinkGeek!

Still, there’s no denying how awesome this is. I want one. For $20 it’s even reasonably priced. Must…walk…away…from…computer… Ok, we’re good. I can pass on this purchase. Well, for now I’m safe until they make a version of these crazy devices that makes cookies…Then I’m done for.

Because it’s Tuesday: Wafflesicle!?

AWESOME!!! Yeah, that’s what this is, it’s and awesome maker!!!

Okay, actually this is something that I spotted over on Gizmodo last week, and because I had already thrown up my Tuesday post, I put this on hold for today.

What we are looking at is a Wafflesicle maker. Yeah that’s right, you can eat waffle’s on a stick. I don’t know if this jumps out at me because of the sheer novelty of being able to eat unexpected items on a stick, or because I’ve had a weird craving for waffles lately. Still, this is most definitely a Because it’s Tuesday item from Triangular Concept.

Because it’s Tuesday: The Toastation

So you know that “junk” mail that you always get in your mailbox? All of the fliers for sales at stores that you may go to, but never do? One of the regular visitors to my mail is the weekly Kmart flier, and this week had a real gem in it: the  Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toastation.

So, this new device hearkens back to an earlier post that I did about Sunpentown 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker. What we have is exactly what it appears to be: a toaster oven that has a toaster built into the top.

Now, all I have to go on is the picture on the website, so I can’t tell precisely how the heating element in this sucker works. That, or how it keeps the toaster sealed while an oven, or heats properly as a toaster. Still, I’m expecting some uneven toasting however this is used. Still, if this is the kitchen solution that you’ve been dreaming of, it can be yours for $29.99 from

Because it’s Tuesday: A Personal Donut Factory

Oh ThinkGeek why do you do this to me? This item is just so … wow. Words escape me writing about this new kitchen gadget just as they did when I first saw it on ThinkGeeks site.

What you see here folks is the ultimate device to destroy diets, and create love handles. This is the Mini Donut Factory. It is precisely that. Imagine if you will some mad genius combined donuts, and a waffle maker. That is exactly what this is.

Now I can’t speak to all the wonders of this contraption as I have yet to try it. Reading about it leads me to believe that, of course, these donuts are not as good as the real thing. Really, who can argue with some fresh Dunkin Donuts.

Still, for $20 you have the means to send yourself in a diabetic coma. This is the perfect device to an epic Tuesday. Head over to ThinkGeek, and get making donuts folks…

Because it’s Tuesday: The All Edges Brownie Pan

all_edges_panSo, after a brief hiatus from blogging, I’m returning with some new “Theme Days” for the blog. The first of which being Because it’s Tuesday. Now, in my group of friends, Tuesday is just that awkward out of sorts day of the week that just reeks of random. Thanks to that, I am going to try and bring some oddities of the internet to your kitchen every Tuesday. We’ll start it off pretty simply with something that I’ve known about for a while: the All Edge’s Brownie Pan.

Now, those crazy guys over at ThinkGeek have had this item on their site for quite some time, and I always need to resist the urge to buy it when I’m over there. Now, I know not everyone likes the edges of brownies, but I sure do, and this item is right up my alley. It leaves you with…well…all edges on your brownies.

Ok, so this isn’t as random as I could be for a Tuesday, but I needed to start it off somehow, and this item is one of my favorites. Check it out, if you’re an edge person, or simply because you’re bored and it’s Tuesday.

Taking All-In-One to a Whole New Level

As we are now getting into the month of August, I need to think about what to get my mother for her birthday. This is not as easy as it may sound because she is an extremely practical women. Instead of jewelry or flowers, she would rather have a new iron or coffee maker. That said, I started looking around for the right new coffee maker for her (It can’t be to fancy, just nice and simple).

While I was looking around, I came across the Sunpentown 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker. This contraption is the Frankenstein mash-up of a coffee pot, a toaster oven, and a fry pan. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about efficiency, and space conservation; living in a studio apartment myself, but this is mildly frightening. Besides the apparent danger of an open fry pan on top of a toaster oven, you can purchase this “solution” at Walmart for only $39.88. Quality craftsmenship right there.

As much as my mother is practical, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that this might not be the new coffee maker she wants. I’ll continue my search,but for now, if you are horribly cramped on space, and crave an efficient start to your day, try this new kind of all-in-one….Just don’t come crying to me if your closet sized apartment bursts into flame.