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Review: Hershey’s Halloween Holiday Kisses


Photo courtesy of Baking Bites


Continuing with the trend of holiday fair, and the nine million blogs that seem to have already reviewed these products, I’m looking at some of the seasonal Kisses put out By Hershey’s. This year at my local target, I discovered Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple, and Candy Corn Kisses, only bringing the first two specimens home with me.

Looking at the photo in the upper left (taken by Nicole

Photo Courtesy of The Chocolate Review

at Baking Bites) you can see my favorite of the two varieties that I tried: the Pumpkin Spice. These were a real unique flavor, truly driving home a sweet and spicy flavor. The pumpkin was actually pretty muted in these, overwhelmed by what felt like a strong white chocolate that when combined with the spice component, almost burned the throat a little. They were pretty decent, but I’m more interested in the possibilities of baking with these. Hopefully for this Halloween weekend I will be able to find another bag to add to this 3G brownie recipe I found.


Moving on to the Caramel Apple kisses, all I can say is “whoa”. These things were crazy sweet, almost searing the back of my throat with how potent the filling is inside. To me, these tasted a lot more like a candy apple than caramel. I think that was due in part to the artificial apple flavoring used in these things. It also reminded me that although I love caramel, and eat apples every day, I’m not that huge a fan of the combo. I can’t put my finger on a reason why, but to me some things shouldn’t be tampered with.

Overall, these two flavor of Hershey’s Kisses are neat, and worth trying for the novelty, or if you are a seasonal food nut like I am. Still, I’m more excited about some of the varieties we may see more towards Christmas time. Bring on the mint and chocolate people!


Because it’s Tuesday: Shaped Cake Pans

So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a miniature bachelorette party at my apartment. Yeah, you heard me right, I said bachelorette party. Let’s keep moving before we get too bogged down with the logistics of the occasion. Let’s just skip to the point: I was asked to make a cake for the event, and my friend the maid of honor was gracious enough to give me some pans for the process.

Now, first here are some facts to mull over. First, the pans came from Spencer’s. Second, we like to mess with the bride to be as much as we can since she has a mild discomfort with male anatomy. Third, well I was just happy to bake something for now reason that I can think of.

Well, if you haven’t figured out what shape of cake I was making, well, then, please move along. You will probably either blush into a beet, or be offended if you keep guessing. Just to keep things PG here I decided to through up another awesome shaped cake pan. Might have found something I need to make for my roommate at sometime.

So what did I take away from this experience?

  1. Flesh tone can be created using vanilla frosting, and mixing in a little chocolate frosting at a time.
  2. Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix comes out pretty delicious, but slightly awkward as the cake-y center of man bits.
  3. Using a vegetable peeler on a dark chocolate Hershey’s bar makes something that looks hair-like.

Yeah, bet you weren’t expecting THAT on a Tuesday. Still, what kind of oddly shaped cakes have you ever made or eaten?

What’s New: Hershey’s Take 5

If you haven’t guessed yet, I have a little bit of a sweet tooth.  Yeah … understatement of the century there, but oh well. Needless to say, I like to try different kinds of candy bars when the opportunity presents itself. Recently, I was able to try a Hershey’s Take 5 bar.

So, one of my favorite sweet snacks is Pretzel Flipz. They are an awesome combination of sweet and salty with the whole chocolate covered pretzel shtick they have going on. Going in with that, I thought that the Take 5 would be an instant hit. Sadly, it was not up to par for my pretzel and chocolate desires.

So, the Take 5 is a bar that brings together chocolate, caramel, pretzel, peanuts, and peanut butter. In the above picture, courtesy of, you can see the layered construction of the ingredients.  The end result is, to put it bluntly, a little too salty for my tastes. I love Flipz, but they are much more on the chocolate side of the combo. The Take 5 actually just left me wanting a drink afterwards.

So, here is a candy bar that I will probably not jump at in the future, leaving it to those who desire something for a crazy salt fix. I’ll stick to my Flipz thank you very much.