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What’s New: Snowballs

Ok, so we all know that section of the gas station. You know the one with the rack of Hostess, and Little Debbie snacks that will be our first (ok, maybe second) stop in the advent of the apocalypse. Yeah, haha, preservative joke, moving on.

Anyways, a little while ago, I saw the making of Sno-Balls on TV on one of those crazy “How it’s Made” style of shows. Darn it, it gave me a hankering. I hate hankering. Anyways, next stop at a gas station saw me walk out with sno-balls in hand.

Yup, they’re about what you’d expect. The coconut, cake, and filling are all fine, but I guess I’m not a huge fan of the marshmallow. I ran into this recently with a game of fluffy bunny (don’t ask) as well. Apparently my tastes have changed, and marshmallow just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Oh well, not the biggest loss there in my book. (No worries, marshmallow in a s’more is in a league all it’s own)

Overall, I’d say dodge these as a snack if you can. Moving past the list as long as my arm of nutritional reasons not to eat these, I just didn’t find them to be that special, and worth it. Still, you might say different. To each there own, and mine’s not marshmallow.


Hostess 100 CalorieĀ Packs

So, as part of this blog, I mentioned that I wanted to point out particularly good foods to eat when on Weight Watchers, or at least ones that have helped me.

One of my biggest issues when dieting in portion control. I can cook healthy, and buy good food, but limiting myself to just that right portion or point value has always been a problem. The recent outbreak of 100 calorie packs from several snack distributors has helped a lot with this. Someone on weight watchers can generally count on these being a perfect 2 point snack in just the right portion.

Hostess has actually done better, bringing on treats that satisfy the darkest cravings (chocolate, carrot cake…you know what I’m talking about) for only one point! That’s right, some (not all) of their 100 calorie packs are only one point, making them the perfect addition to any lunchbox.

The flavors that can be had for one point are the chocolate cupcakes, carrot cakes, cinnamon coffee cakes, banana muffin, and strawberry cupcakes. I have only tried the first three, and they are all fantastic. These little treats are perfectly split into three moist bite-sized replicas of their original snacks, and contain just as much flavor. For an extra treat in the summer, try refrigerating the snacks. In my opinion, this makes them more moist, and more flavorful.

Now for the drawbacks. Keep in mind that yes, these are one point per package, but when you start having multiple, the points can stack. For instance, two packs are actually three points. This is usually how it is with any food on weight watchers. The other drawback is that they are so delicious. The temptation to have more than one is very high.

That said, enjoy this tasty treat, and good luck in the dieting battle!