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Diet Sunkist Has Caffeine!?

So, apparently I’m on a soda kick lately. Definitely odd considering I have made the leap, and stopped buying soda to keep in my fridge during the week (It’s been rough folks). Well, I still allow myself to drink diet soda, but not having it in the house, in theory, reduces my consumption of the stuff.

One of my favorite “usual” sodas that I reach for is Diet Sunkist. I like orange soda, and this one is a better tasting diet specimen. Whenever I was driving late at night, and wanted a drink that wouldn’t wire me too bad, it’s what I’d grab at a gas station. It helps that it’s one of the sodas that Circle K usually offers at two for $2.

Anyways, today I learned that apparently it has caffeine. I really thought that all orange soda was caffeine free. Apparently this one is not. Duly noted soda people, you are off the late night soda list.


What’s New: NOS Sugar Free

So, I like energy drinks, let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence…Okay, got that out of your systems? Good. Actually, I like sugar free energy drinks the best, and frankly I think that they’re not too bad for you.

Think about it like this. Most of them don’t have the artificial sweeteners in them like diet soda. Also, with the sugar free cans, you’re talking about 20 calories per can. That’s a big old zero on the Weight Watcher’s point scale there. The only drawback is the long term effects of the energy spike from the caffeine in the drink. Since I don’t drink coffee, lets call it square.

I digress. Usually, I’ll reach for Low-Carb Monster, or Sugar Free No Fear, but what caught my eye this past Sunday was the NOS Sugar Free. I have vivid memories of the regular NOS, and it’s cat litter like stench from some friends of mine who love the stuff, so I was slightly hesitant. Still, it was cheaper than all the others, and I could always, you know, not drink it.

Okay, onto the actual beverage. Visibly, and taste-wise, this is an orange drink. It’s actually really similar to an orange soda, but without that distinctive aftertaste that you get from diet ones.  It is carbonated, so there were some foul smelling burps going on while drinking, and a little bit afterward. Walking away from the energy drink, there’s not much  to say. It’s like orange soda with a punch. Actually, it just occurred to me what it’s like: Sparks energy beer, only without the lovely alcohol content.

You know, the more I mull it over, the more I think this might be my new favorite energy drink. It’s orange, which I love,  (Insert Keenan and Kell joke here) and the crash that follows any energy drink was almost non-existent. That could be because there wasn’t too much of an energy spike to begin with. Perfect. If I’m going for a carbonated energy drink, this is my new standby.