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Nom!: Fueled by Caesar

Ok so I’ve mentioned that I am now taking Shaolin Kempo lessons twice a week. Well, as the crazy person that I am, I’m still running my 4+ miles before class. With that, I understandably have a limited meal time. To the left is my healthy, light, and refreshing dinner…Well at least half of it.

I believe I’ve mentioned the Perdue Perfect Portions Chicken Breast previously, but if not, check them out. I cook one of these hunks of tasty bird up the night before, and shred/chop it up. Into a this bag of awesome it goes, and walla shake for instant dinner.

The best part is that this Fresh Express Caesar Salad doesn’t taste lite. I think the only difference between it and the regular is a lack of cheese…Hmm, should probably check that…Anyways, this acts as a nice refueling meal, hitting my body with vitamins, minerals, and punch of chicken-tastic protein before my class. Also, it is diet friendly at 8 points with the chicken added. Can’t go wrong there!


Healthy “Fried” Rice

Minute Rice So I think that we’ve all seen this box floating around in the cupboard at some point. Some of us keep it for that emergency dinner, while others use it as a staple for every meal. No matter how you use this rice, you can give it a bit more life, and make a healthy, delicious, 7point weight watchers dinner.

To start, simply cook a single serving of the rice (that’s half a cup people). Once the rice has cooked, throw it into a Tupperware container, and toss it into the fridge. I try to do this in the morning before work so that I don’t have to worry about the cooling process when I get home.

The key to GOOD fried rice is to pre-cook it, and let it cool thoroughly.

Now when you get home, prep some vegis. I like to use red onion and green pepper, but feel free to be a bit more traditional and through in some green onion or bean sprouts. Once they’re all chopped, get them sauteing in a decent sized fry pan. To keep it healthy, use liberal amounts of calorie-free cooking spray; NO OIL!!! Through in some salt and garlic powder for flavor.

Now to get some chicken going. I use Perdue Perfect Portions Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts in Roasted Garlic and White Wine. These are 2 points a piece, and like the name says, the perfect portion. Chop the chicken into bite-sized chunks, and toss them into another fry pan with more cook spray,  and some pepper. Also give them a liberal dousing of Worcestershire sauce.

Once your chicken is going, get that cold rice into the fry pan with your vegetables. Hit it with another liberal dousing of cook spray, and also add salt, pepper, and some more Worcestershire. Keep this on a high heat. Once your chicken is done, toss it into the rice and vegis, but keep the pan on the heat. If you have it empty a package of egg beaters into the pan, and scramble that.

As a note, you can buy packages of three two serving cups of egg beaters in the grocery store. One while cup, two servings, is only 1 point.

Once your eggs are done, throw them in the rice, and turn it all together. Make sure that you are getting a slightly brown color, and you will just know when your rice is there. It sounds a little hectic to make, but is actually pretty easy.

Now sit back and enjoy a heaping portion of healthy chicken fried rice. 🙂