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Phone Conference

Just posting on a new experience here for myself. I recently was able to be part of a phone conference for a project I have been helping out with. It was interesting to see how a phone conference went, but also surprising that I was asked for my thoughts about the project, and actualy treated like amember of the team. It was a good experience, and has helped me to feel even more at home here in my internship.



I figured I would try what most prfessionals hate: meetings. ITS has weekly meetings to, as a group, discuss the progress of projects, and stading of upcoming events in the department. I went to this meeting to better get a feel for what my career may be like some day. It was interesting to observe the process as various tasks that the department has going on, as well as how they assign priority to process completion. Even I was involved in the meeting as the group discussed the new Campus Life tab for the myPlymouth site as several of the tabs that will be put into it are ones that are my responsibility to update and keep running. Overall, I have to say that even though many people sigh at the idea of a meeting, I enjoy the idea of hearing other peers thoughts about what is going on in the work place, as well as the slight distraction from a repeticious workday that it can provide.