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Explosions, Bears, and Corny Humor Oh My!

Explosions and Bears!!!

Explosions and Bears!!!

So as part of my morning ritual (we all have them) I swung over to to see what the daily woot was, and saw this on the link over to shirt woot. Theres no better way to start your morning than with bears, explosions and corny humor. If you want to get your hands on this awesome shirt specimen, head over to today to get one.


My Favorites from Shirt.Woot! Reckoning

So, here are a few of my favorite T-Shirt designs from the previously mentioned Shirt.Woot! reckoning page. Check’em out, and see if there might be any you like. At $15 a pop, I couldn’t buy all of them, but still managed to grab one with some bunnies on it. See what you might like at the reckoning.
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